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How Equilux are Solving the Residential Security Problem of Compromise

Around the clock security

It is not at all surprising to learn that Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, high-profile government officials and those in top-level security positions require around the clock security. Considering the fundamentals of the security matrix, physical security solutions are an increasingly popular method of protection for high-end residential properties across the globe.

More than ever, the private home is a safe-haven from the terrors of the modern world. A continuous issue with standard reinforcements, such as basic roller shutters or obvious an CCTV network, is that the products themselves are simply not designed from home living.

Whilst yes, security is the precursor in many cases, style and artistic fingerprint is simply more valuable within the prime residential market.

Introducing Equilux

Equilux is Charter Global’s specialist security provider to the luxury home market of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (known as UHNWI for short). Offering a unique service, Equilux is disrupting the residential security market.

Providing tailored solutions to domestic properties facing significant threat, the comprehensive range of Equilux products provides Architects, contractors, Portfolio Managers and clients with the opportunity to secure their properties to specification without compromising on architectural preference.

Equilux Residential Security Shutters - Chilterns

Equilux Residential – Chilterns

Keeping a tight lid on your lintel shutter…

High specification security products generally induce increased levels of fear. It is why prisons and high-value government buildings are fortified to the standard they are. Fortifying the home to this standard is somewhat unnecessary and detrimental for keeping a low profile. In most cases, such standards of security are not necessary for domestic properties but in some situations where there is a requirement, it is vital for the security measures to be capable of integration within the design without corrupting the nature of the property.

Unwilling to sacrifice performance for design or vice versa, Equilux have successfully achieved accreditation to LPS 1175 SR2 and LPS 1175 SR3 performance standards with the first Lintel Security Shutter system, available through the Equilux Shutter and Equilux Garage Door range. The LPS 1175 standard is certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), offering accreditation to products specifically designed, manufactured and tested to mitigate extreme attacks.

brick slip shutter - london

Brick Slip Security Shutter – London

Incorporating the shutter within the structural lintel, therefore encasing it within fabric of the property, has two main benefits:

  • enhanced aesthetics
  • integration with intelligent building management systems (BMS)

For period properties featuring unique architectural elements such as within traditional timber sash windows as seen within this Richmond-upon-Thames Brick Slip Lintels project, lintel shutters completely removed the need for an unsightly headbox. An excellent solution for securing the home without detracting from the visual appearance.

All property types can benefit from the Equilux catalogue of security shutters and garage door finishes. Superior shutter curtain profiles, finishes (such as the unique wood grain-matched finish) and colour coatings allow for personalisation down to the minutest detail. Supported by dedicated manufacturing facilities, residential and domestic properties at any stage of their lifecycle can therefore standardise the implemented security measures.

…Whilst opening the door to opportunity

Securing a property, no matter the nature of the building, is more than simply adding intruder resistance products. For the most efficient implementation, measures will support the structure against all levels of risk – from vandalism to vicious attack – without creating a fortress that requires high level security clearance.

The Equilux Front Door range is completely bespoke, limited only to the architect’s and client’s imagination. Manufactured intelligently with folded steel plates with an over-engineered sash, the Equilux Front Door is high performance alternative to the most targeted element of a property.

With various standard designs acting as guide for capability, the Equilux Interior Door is similar to it’s exterior counterpart in that every element is tailored to match existing properties or architectural plans. Each of the door ranges offered through Equilux are manufactured with access control and locking systems most suitable to mitigate the risk a property may face; the higher the risk, the stronger the lock.

Both refurbishment projects and new build properties can benefit from the Equilux Door range. From sash design with iron cast knockers to Ballistic resistant reinforcement, each door’s capability is enormous.

Equilux Front Doors

Equilux Security Front Door

Integrity above all else

Further personalisation can be accounted for within access control and intelligent implementation. A common misconception for smart home automations is that access control must be a separate affair. Equilux products are compatible with all integral BMSs, allowing for full functionality, creativity and innovation for command and control systems.

Having spent many years developing the service, Charter Global’s R&D, Manufacturing and Design teams regularly implement further considerations for architectural construct. Providing concept drawings on request and further NBS specifications on enquiry, Equilux support architects & clients with the experience of specialist engineers through-out every step.

Browse through our previous case studies for an in-depth look at the various styles Equilux can accommodate for. For further advice on how Equilux can secure prestigious residential properties, please contact our dedicated team on 0845 050 8705 or complete the form below.