protecting property against blast

Understand the risk, protect against the threat

Protecting property, people and assets must be approached with a clear understanding of the severity of the risks being posed.

Securing a property against an unforeseeable threat may feel like an impossible task. The most effective course of action, beyond consulting with professionals such as the team here at Charter Global, is to start with reinforcing the most vulnerable part of the property. The threat, if identified, will be categorised in terms tool severity and possible destruction so fortifying measures can be implemented.

Applications may face a single risk or they may face many, therefore the most dangerous thing to do is nothing.

Forced Entry: Bodily Force

Mitigation of opportunist intruder attempts using manual or bodily force including tools.

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Forced Entry: Power Tools

Protecting against deliberate forced entry of premises using mechanically-enhanced power tools.

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Bespoke risk

Securing people, property and assets against bespoke risks and severe threats.

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Mitigation of ballistic risk combines advanced performance rating and manufacturing methods.

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Premeditated attack on property using explosives including requires high-performance blast resistant solutions.

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