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Charter Global offer Architects an extensive range of independently certified security products

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Charter Global have successfully secured numerous projects, integrating high performance security solutions within applications of all sectors. Through this experience, the brilliant team at Charter Global acknowledge that whilst many properties may have similar risks, every building’s security matrix should be considered unique.

Having worked closely with Architects in the past, Charter Global provide a range of services exclusively determined by application; Obexion for high-risk profile application, Integr8 for specialist requirement applications, and finally Equilux for residential properties of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI).

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specifying for architects

The dedicated team behind each premium brand will provide concept drawings on request, NBS specifications on proposal and the experience of specialist engineers through-out every step of the project.

From experience gained working on projects of multi-million-pound government-funded buildings to luxurious residential estates to community buildings, selecting the right product must be based on the build style; whether using modern methods of construction, modular or traditional there still must be a significant consideration for application.


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How do Charter Global work with Architects?

Physical security measures are most effectively integrated into a property before it even exists.

Ideally, initial introductions will be during first stage architectural and structural design so to ensure structural apertures are altered for  the security products rather than simply making do. This will entail cooperation between Charter Global’s in-house Design department, architect, and client to guarantee the property meets aesthetic goals as well as specification requirements.

This is not to say that implementing measures on a retrofit basis is impossible. In many cases, Charter Global have successfully integrated certified products within a property to requirements set beyond architectural jurisdiction. All achieved without compromising on the traditional, or unique property architectural style.

With applications that face bespoke risks, integrating products of a performance rating standard on a retrofit basis is a more challenging project, consequently reinforcing the importance of early involvement with Charter Global.

Why should an Architect work with Charter Global?

Securing properties, no matter the application, is more than simply adding intruder resistance solutions. Charter Global are renowned for the innovative approach to intelligent security solutions, enabling an envelope of specified security without detracting the original or unique features of the building.

The earlier Charter Global are introduced to a project, the better.

Performance ratings aside, tailored security solutions are hard to come by. Charter Global offering comprehensive catalogues of product through premium associations – Obexion, Equilux and Integr8 – all of which are manufactured, installed and maintained in house.

Providing technical assistance where necessary, Charter Global offer a host of specified products through a service that is dedicated to customer service. With the ultimate goal of ensuring solutions proposed to every property meets the specification requirements, properties capability and aesthetic are kept at the forefront of all decisions.

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