high specification security shutters

Integr8 Security Shutters are a specialist range of built-in security roller shutters

The most established association of Charter Global, Integr8 Shutters provide specialist integrated security shutters to applications within the Education, Commercial, Healthcare and Community sectors,

Offering the discerning specifier an innovative range of security shutters, Integr8’s product range includes Structural and Non-Structural Built-In security shutters to cater for the latest in construction technology, including traditional, timber frame and off-site modular projects.

Continued security issues in recent years have highlighted vulnerabilities in building security for applications within these sectors. As such, security shutters must now allow for a significant degree of access while at the same time protecting sensitive areas from unauthorised entry. Integr8 offers technical support and assistance from initial feasibility through to on-site fabrication designs, with close attention to detail to ensure enhanced architectural design.

Specifying integrated security shutters

With extensive manufacturing capabilities, Integr8 Shutters are focused on specifying lintel shutter systems with customised interface solutions, such as bespoke curtain walling, steelwork, cladding and glazing. With concept drawings provided on request, NBS specifications at the proposal stage, and the experience of specialist engineers through-out every step of the project, Integr8 is supported by an experienced Design team. Integr8 works closely with Architects, Contractors and other Security Professionals on all applications subject to local government regulations. 

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