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Product Description

From standard measurements to apertures that feature more glass than sash, the Equilux Security Front Door range provides a secure envelope for residential properties of the UHNWI.

Working closely with architects over the years has continually highlighted the architectural design of the ever-important luxury front door. Ensuring front doors also provide a residential home with the standard of security required for peace of mind and protection, without compromising on aesthetic, is a delicate balance.

Rather than providing a range of options, Equilux Front Doors are manufactured completely bespoke to client preference. Offering a catalogue of designs, styles and finishes, these bespoke doors are manufactured with folded steel profiles, reinforced plating and further engineering within the sash.

Each element of the luxury front door is tailor-made including sash style, dimensions, insulation and access controls, meaning the Equilux Front Door range can provide the perfect blend of aesthetics and physical security for every application.

Security Front Door Features

  • Completely bespoke, tailored manufacturing to suit property style and risk
  • Wide variety of models, styles, and solutions available
  • Bespoke access controls and locking systems
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security front door

Unique door sash design with each project

To enhance the original or refurbished features of the ultra-prime residential property, each Security Front Door is designed exactly to the client requirements and preference. From sash design to substrate, each element of the door is bespoke.

security front door

Increased levels of security through intelligent design

Effective security is vital for peace of mind. The Equilux Security Front Door reinforces this essential state through bespoke engineering and internal reinforcement, without detracting the residential property’s design or features.

security front door

Bespoke access controls and locking 

To ensure secure enclosures at all time, bespoke access controls and locking systems are available. Security front doors are a vital part of any property, used to not only secure but also facilitate entry, provide a means of escape and prevent the spread of fire.


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