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Overcoming Security Concerns in Countryside Properties

In the UK, we’re lucky to live in a country with such rich national beauty. For those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of urban areas, the countryside seems like an idyllic sanctuary. Both rural and metropolitan areas pose their own security risks.

Typically, homes situated in urban locations with high crime rates are likely to experience burglaries, however, the secluded nature of rural properties can be appealing to an opportunist and hence security concerns in countryside properties should not be ignored.

In fact, the cost of crime to rural communities is thought to be around £800m per year.

As experts in providing bespoke luxury home security, we understand the concerns of those whose responsibility it is to secure a country home.

Security Concerns in Countryside Properties

There are many options to help those in rural properties feel safe and secure. The benefit of investing in security is two-fold.

1). Firstly, there’s the actual physical protection that comes with purchasing a security system. Those living in rural homes with obvious security systems are far less likely to experience break-ins than those without.

2). Secondly, there’s the psychological aspect of installing home security. Adding security to a country property increases feelings of home safety.

Options for Overcoming Security Concerns in Countryside Properties

There are many options available when addressing security concerns in countryside properties. CCTV and alarm systems are often a popular choice.

Although they both offer a visual deterrent to an opportunist, they don’t provide any physical protection. In remote country locations, this is an issue since once the alarm has been raised; the response time can often be significant.

This means that it could be too late to catch a thief and the valuables they have taken once police are sounded. Physical security, on the other hand, incorporates both literal and visual protection.

Physical security provides the most effective and efficient deterrent and delay to any potential security breach, and provides a great sense of security and peace of mind to the client when utilised.

security shutters for countryside properties

Secure roller shutters are a great option to secure countryside homes. The Equilux Shutter range is based on bespoke roller security shutter mechanics, which can be integrated into the fabric of a building at new build or renovation stages of a country property.

This ensures a totally concealed solution when the shutters are raised in position with no visible box or guides, and when lowered, the shutters are both effective and discreet.

For optimum aesthetics, shutters can be finished in materials such as timber or colour coated aluminium to complement the property style and local vernacular.

Working closely with architects, designers and clients, the Equilux design team provide concealed built-in security solutions to accommodate the design cues of the property.

Many out-of-town mansions follow specific design cues, – Georgian, Jacobean, etc. – and the Equilux Lintel shutter system caters for these styles using special bespoke lintel designs and brick slip lintels to facilitate stone and arch details across the property.

Internal or external security shutters

Equilux shutters can be utilised either internally or externally. This is sometimes dictated by the local planning requirements, although outside London this is often a client choice.

In addition to the high security of the Equilux Shutters, many clients appreciate and take advantage of the blackout and solar shading the shutters provide, and shutter curtain styles are available to cater to these requirements too.

A compact aluminium shutter system, the Equilux shutters can be finished in a wide range of polyester powder coat finishes or an anodized finish provided a more contemporary metallic-style finish.

To find more technical information on the options that are available, access the Equilux Technical Area below:

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a case study

Equilux security shutters, finished in a stylish anodised bronze, have been installed and working for many years in this beautiful period home in the Chilterns. Over 60 shutters were installed to all ground and first floor windows, including multi height bay windows.

Remote management of countryside home security

Another point to consider is that many rural properties aren’t inhabited on a full-time basis. Countryside properties tend to often be second homes that are used on the weekend, or even holiday lets that remain vacant for large periods of time. Therefore, a combination of visual and physical protection is necessary for rural properties.

Bearing this in mind, Charter Global have designed the exclusive LockDown technology to ensure that domestic roller shutters are never left in an insecure state.

Charter Global also offer the facility for the shutters to be controlled via an independent Building Management System (BMS), which is a computer-based central control system that monitors a property’s mechanical and electrical equipment, such as heating, lighting and security systems.

This allows for status indication options providing notification to the owner if a shutter has been left open inadvertently. This can be managed from a single handheld device or even as an app on a smartphone, ensuring that you remain in constant control of your system, no matter where you are.

More information on securing countryside properties

Charter Global have created a comprehensive guide to installing bespoke security shutters on to prime residential properties – download your copy below.
bespoke shutters for luxury homes
For more information on how Charter Global can assist with securing your rural property, please fill in the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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