Equilux specialise in the ultra-prime residential sector, delivering security, style and peace of mind.

The most premium association of Charter Global, Equilux was founded with the knowledge that standard physical security measures allow no room for compromise.

The ultra-prime residential market, as in domestic properties of the UHNWI, is a busy field of so-called specialists. Having established itself as a consummate professional, Charter Global’s Equilux offers stunning high-performance solutions to all luxurious property types, manufactured specifically to client and architectural preference.  

Specified up to performance standard SR5, Charter Global is currently the only security solutions provider to offer perforated shutters to SR3 specification alongside domestic security doors. Specialists in ensuring complete fortification, Equilux enhances the natural beauty of the property through intelligent and exacting manufacturing methods, along with superior finishes and coatings.

The security solutions Equilux offers work most effectively when structurally integrated during the early stages of the build or refurbishment project. Whilst retrofit situations are not ideal, there are very much possible with the capability of Equilux’s security products; for new build properties, complete integration can be achieved through early design involvement.

All solutions offered are professionally integrated with any pre-existing or new building management systems, allowing the client complete access control. Design concepts and NBS specifications can be provided on request.

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