As a physical security product provider, our strengths lie in understanding intricate building design.

From initial concept and feasibility right the way through to supplying working drawings,
Charter Global’s in-house design engineers set us apart from the average provider.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as experts in physical integration and the ability to solve complicated puzzles.
This long-standing history of structural integration in complex environments is a testament to the skill of our design team.

Working endlessly on current projects, alongside our research and development team and with our excellent engineers on site.

Our design team maintains a security-conscious approach through-out a project’s development.
Each project therefore receives a full tool kit of technical information.

Along with a scope of works, this can include NBS specifications, project-specific systems,
and lintel schedules where appropriate.

With an enormous variety of major projects under our belt, our design team along with our sales department
offers a consultancy-based relationship with a project where necessary.

Offering unbiased advice, our intention is only ever to provide the most appropriate security measures, innovative construction methods and control systems.

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