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Portfolio Managers require tailored solutions, and Charter Global can provide in abundance

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From multi-million government funded buildings to luxury residential estates through to community-funded school refurbishments, Charter Global have a brilliant success rate. With a keen understanding that no two properties are the same, (nor will all risk profiles be the same), the general approach to security is consistent.

Those that specialise in managing portfolios for corporate clients must proficient in suggesting standardised security, no matter the portfolio size. This is where Charter Global can add true benefit. 

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Charter Global stand in an exclusive position, offering high-performance rated products through three premium brands: Obexion, Integr8 and Equilux.

Each association offers Portfolio Managers with a dedicated team working within all sectors and each is dedicated to the ongoing development of security products most applicable to each application.


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How do Charter Global work with Portfolio Managers?

Offering specialised solutions for both the property shell and interior, Charter Global also provide strategic advice for profiling risks and threats. As a standard service, security solutions are manufactured, installed and maintained through dedicated teams on a contract basis. 

Having invested heavily in the continued research and development of security products, the team have in-depth understanding of what comprises the industry-recognised performance standards. Through a combination of technological advances regarding threat detection and developments in behavioural analysis, risk assessments have settled as a highly specialised field for risk management specialists. Charter Global provide support to these progressions through continued product development and intelligent manufacturing methods.

As attack methods become more sophisticated, so must the mitigation techniques. Rigorous testing methods and attack scenarios alongside intelligent manufacturing processes have resulted in a comprehensive range of solutions applicable to all applications.  

Charter Global aid portfolio managers at every developmental stage of a project, from initial structural planning right the way through to ongoing maintenance and servicing.

Portfolio managers hold a complicated role. Client requirements, security standards and risk profiles need continuous monitoring .

Why should a Portfolio Manager work with Charter Global?

For long-term, commercial projects in which multiple applications much be secured, Charter Global’s dedicated manufacturing facilities and experienced engineers offer additional support and peace of mind to the corporate clients. Further specialist collateral can be provided on enquiry through Charter Global’s premium association, Obexion.

For portfolio managers that are mainly concerned with securing of domestic residences of the UHNWI, aesthetic appeal and architectural design plays a vital role. Charter Global’s prestigious brand Equilux provides a sympathetic yet highly functional security system to the most demanding and complex of assets.

Applications such as prestigious Educational Institutions are offered specification-orientated assistance through the Charter Global brand Integr8. Such applications necessitate high standards of performance due to the prestigious nature combined with individual student profiles.  

Charter Global’s service offering is suitable for all Portfolio Managers working within every sector. Distinction between applications through brand is supported by Charter Global’s reputation of stability, credibility and suitability. The result is a wholesome service offering, providing vigilance in both specification and privacy.

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