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Securing ultra-prime residential properties

Protecting high-end residential property and their contents from physical attacks require a unique combination of design and resistance

With malicious cyber-crime continuing to pose a costlier threat to intellectual property, cyber-security and data protection have become a multi-billion-pound industry with individuals investing more time and money into protecting themselves online.

Figures from recent reports published by the ONS (Office for National Statistics) reflect this surge of mitigation, with the number of cyber-crimes recorded having dropped significantly. Interestingly, physical offences, including robbery against luxury residential properties, have risen in response.

As independent security consultants and industry professionals will agree, the best approach to fully integrated security is to minimise risk through a layered defence. With the software element somewhat safeguarded, physically reinforcing the property against criminality is vital.

Opportunist burglars are uncommon, individuals of high net worth (HNW) and the ultra-high net worth (UHNW) are more at risk from determined and experienced criminals, therefore, must protect their prestigious properties, livelihoods and families.

Of the three fundamental elements of a property – the perimeter, shell and interior – there are various ways to reinforce the structural architecture of luxurious homes against intruders.

Physical reinforcement measures for high specification residential properties differ from that of commercial premises in several ways. The most obvious being aesthetic – securing the family home to the standard of a military base would be detrimental to keeping a low profile.

Charter Global’s extensive catalogue of independently certified products are Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) up to performance rating SR5 of the LPS 1175 standard.


High specification residential properties may not require a security audit as extensive as Government institutions, but they are very much still at risk from sophisticated attack.

The general understanding when approaching physical security for UHNWI is that the more needing protecting (net-worth, monetary value, public profile), the higher the defensive measures necessitated.

Risk profiling is an essential task for determining specification requirements.

Various independent security tests determine specification by tool type and attack time, classifying the security on products that can defend or delay against attack from multiple tools.

An SR5 rated product, for example, is rigorously tried and tested to defend against a reciprocating saw to performance standard whereas an SR2 product will pose little resistance against such a tool.

Designing the residence against a specific threat is the most comprehensive way of ensuring a property is secure.

HNWI and UHNWI are not only concerned with common criminal offences such as theft and vandalism but targeted attacks, including kidnapping and hostage situations.

The relevance of understanding the risk a property will encounter is vital for specifying which performance rated products are necessary.

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Common challenges of residential security for UHNWI

As large cities such as London continue to be to a magnet for individuals of high net worth, public fascination with the celebrity has grown, and anonymity has all but disappeared.

For standard products, securing a residential property to a high specification will compromise the property’s unique look and feel; Charter Global, therefore, present bespoke solutions. Completely secure, low profile without ever compromising the ever-important aesthetic.

This diverse product range allows for tailored solutions for each property type, design and style. Integration within the structural architecture is vital, for example, security shutters designed to sit flush with the property face, incorporated into the structural lintel within the fabric of the building rather than the traditional unsightly (and visible) head-box.

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Equilux is Charter Global’s premium brand dedicated to tailored physical solutions for securing prestigious residential and Heritage properties within the UK. With close attention to architectural flair, Equilux boasts an extensive catalogue of independently certified products for applications including Traditional Town-homes, Coastal Residences, Luxury New Builds and many other prestigious properties.

Equilux solutions are capable of resisting several attack methods and tools and are certified to a variety of independent standards.

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