Revolutionising the approach to security

Manufacturers of high-performance security products to applications in all sectors, Charter Global offer a comprehensive range of solutions as mitigation against severe threat. A revolutionised approach to physical security solutions, Charter Global manufacture and engineer protective measures for both the shell and interior spaces.

Protection from risk

Bodily Force

Bodily Force

Mitigation of opportunist intruder attempts using manual or bodily force including tools.

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protecting against power tool attacks

Power Tools

Protecting against deliberate forced entry of premises using mechanical power tools.

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bespoke risk protection


Securing people, property and assets against bespoke risks and severe threats.

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ballistic protection


Mitigation of ballistic risk combines advanced performance rating and manufacturing methods.

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protecting against blast


Planned attacks by professionals on properties using high volume explosives.

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Who we work with

Benefit from Charter Global’s understanding of security standards and independently certified product range.


Bespoke security solutions provided with concept drawings, NBS specifications and DWG drawings.

Dedicated manufacturing facilities with experienced in-house designers and on-site engineers.

Experienced in all projects including commercial, residential, community and government funded applications.

High performance solutions tailored to client preference is the norm with Charter Global.


bespoke residential security

Prime Residential

museum security

Museums & Galleries

transport hub security


energy facility security


government building security


stadium security

Stadiums & Arenas

financial institution security

Financial Institutions

security for listed buildings


school security


community building security


commercial building security


retail security


healthcare security


physical defence security


data centre security

Data Centres

communications premises security


laboratory security

Labs & Pharmaceuticals

Recent news

security shutter servicing

Should I be servicing my security shutters?

Servicing security shutters is vital for ensuring the safety of both occupants and public. Whilst not compulsory, there are heavy legal implications for failures.

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security blinds

Defending Against Blast With The Obexion Blast Blind

Defending against blast is an major concern currently with the UK Terror Threat at Severe, so the Obexion Blast Blind has never been more relevant. Have a look at the video here:

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LPS 1175 Issue 8: Everything You Need to Know

LPS 1175 Issue 8 is an important advance on Issue 7 of the LPS 1175 Standard, allowing specification of both tool categories and attack time. Read everything you need to know about it here:

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bodily force guide

Forced Entry: Bodily Force – A Guide from Charter Global

Charter Global have produced a Forced Entry Guide to help specifiers understand the real-life implications of the threat of Bodily Force to properties, and how to mitigate against them.

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