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An elegant mix of security and style achieved with Equilux’s Doors

As the first point of entry to a property, the front door can be subject to aggressive and sustained attack, so therefore must be resilient in design and performance. Equilux Doors offer a high performance and stunning range of external and internal doors for residential properties of UNHWI.

Architectural design and kerb appeal is vital for properties of prestige, and the front door is arguably one of the most important elements of a first impression. The door must achieve a delicate balance of performance, aesthetic and compatibility with building management systems.

The dedicated Charter Global service offering for prestigious residential properties, Equilux and its product ranges are designed specifically to enhance the unique or original design features of a property, without compromising on the performance standard of security measures. Offering the latest developments in construction technology, the Equilux Doors includes intelligent control capabilities on a tailored basis.

Integral to the fortified envelope a property, the front door is the most important defence a property can enforce. Ensuring this defence can defend against serve risk and sophisticated attacks is therefore vital to the nature of property of the UHNWI.

Equilux Front Doors

Equilux Security Doors offer a stunning range of high performance Security Front Doors, completed tailored to client preference and specification. With the catalogue serving as a guide as to just some of options possible, the dedicated Charter Global production facilities allow for complete bespoke manufacturing possibilities.

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Equilux Interior Doors

The Equilux Security Interior Door range offers an additional security measure for domestic properties to mitigate serious threat to life or assets. Beyond aesthetic, secure internal doors and access points are vital to maintain secure enclosures within the property should an intruder gain access through a main or secondary entrance.

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