protecting property against blast

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Charter Global have a unique approach to physical security. With Solutions offered through three premium brands, Charter Global offers a comprehensive product range to mitigate against various low to severe risks.

With an excellent Design team, Charter Global is supported by Research and Development department working hard to keep technologies up-to-date and performance levels above industry standard. Therefore, the products offered through Obexion, Integr8 and Equilux are acknowledged to be evolving as rapidly as the landscape.

Charter Global understand what it takes to protect a property. Working primarily with the building perimeter, the product ranges offered below work most effectively when implemented within the very structure – such as within the structural lintel above a doorframe of aperture.

Security Shutters

Comprehensive range of security shutters available, suitable for a range of applications as mitigation of low to severe risks. Solutions available certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 security rating 2 through to 5 inclusive (SR2-SR5) and CPNI approved.

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Security Doors

Security Doors provide fortified enclosures within buildings and facilities that face low- to high-level threats. Important for maintaining access control and procedural requirements, Security Doors are necessary for all applications.

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Security Blinds

An excellent, highly durable products, Security Blinds are a retrofit yet unobtrusive security measure for properties facing medium to high profile risks. Offers additional protection beyond that of the glass itself and window frame.

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Security Grilles

As windows are the most vulnerable aperture, Security Grilles are effective as either a standalone measure or when integrated with other solutions. Currently available certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 SR1 and SR2, Charter Global offers window and door aperture intruder mitigation. 

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