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Securing New Build Properties: A Comprehensive Guide

Published: December 9, 2016

How to Secure Your Luxury New Build Property

From October 2015 – September 2016, over 350,000 burglaries occurred across the England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It’s no surprise that luxury new build properties are a prime target. When planning a luxury new build project, it’s important to research the options for security. This is because they can sometimes differ a lot to the options at a retro-fit stage.

Different applications will result in different solutions, so it’s important to carefully consider everything available to you.

Town and country properties

securing new build

The location of your luxury new build property is a factor to consider. Traditionally, inner city properties, particularly in London, are at most risk. However prestige properties in more rural locations often also see attempted burglaries.

Either way, if you’re going to spend time away from your new property, security has to be a top priority.

Secure your luxury new build property without compromising design

Equilux’s shutters can be seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the building by being built into the lintel. There are many different colour options, as well as bespoke brick slip lintels for complete invisible integration. It’s worth exploring this option at a new build stage, as retro-fitting lintel shutters can be complex.

Close co-ordination with the architect at early design stage can ensure that they do not detract from the design of the property, maintaining a high level of security whilst not compromising on the aesthetics.

At Equilux, we have solutions for both internal and external doors and shutters, and can suggest which would be most appropriate for your project.

security front doors

When considering shutters to secure your luxury new build property, it’s worth contacting your local council regarding planning. Have a look at our blog on planning permission for security shutters for more detail on this.

For an extra level of security – our exclusive LockDown technology can also ensure that the shutters are never left in an insecure state – this removes the room for human error and also gives you peace of mind that your luxury new build property is secure.

Securing a Luxury New-Build Residential Property: A Case Study

Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern building design techniques resulted in this striking property design. The property, set in its own valley, comprises a period cottage with a contemporary extension built into the hillside.

securing new build

To maximise the visual opportunities of the surrounding countryside, vast glazed facades have been incorporated into the design of this new-build, with Equilux security shutters intelligently concealed within the honey-coloured Cotswold stone. When lowered, the anodised shutters’ have a subtle matt silver finish which complements the natural choice of building materials.

Equilux security shutters provide security not only when the property is empty, but also when the windows are open. As a bespoke solution for this unique residential property, the shutters are perforated to allow the shutters to remain closed at night whilst allowing natural ventilation from the cooler external air.

securing new build

The shutters have been fully integrated into the property’s Building Management System and can be remotely controlled at the touch of a button.

Product and technical information

The Equilux built-in shutter system incorporates a shutter within a structural lintel, providing an unobtrusive structurally integrated solution, perfect for subtly securing new build residential properties.

Contemporary residential security shutters

The lintel and cavity closer elements of the system are installed in the traditional manner at the time of build. The system addresses the usual issues of lintel design, such as structural load-bearing, cold bridging and damp proofing. There’s also the added benefit of the shutter acting as a security solution when required. The shutter curtain is installed as a second-fix item via an internal maintenance access panel.

In the raised position, the shutter is completely concealed from view, retaining the clean lines of the opening. In the lowered position, the shutter ensures effective resistance against intruder attack. The absence of visible guide rails or boxes limits the potential for effective attack on the system.

Custom designs such as those for curved and arched windows are available, and aluminium polyester powder coating finishes can be supplied in any RAL/BS colour.

More product and technical information can be accessed through the Equilux Technical Area below:

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  • Combined structural lintel and shutter hood box for traditional new build styles
  • Combined side guide and insulated cavity closer, brick tied to structure
  • System installed at new build stage
  • Routine maintenance via internal access panel
  • Shutter and side guides finished to suit project style
  • Maximum security due to integrated design
Security shutters to countryside retreat

Award-winning Architecture

The RIBA National Gold Award winning residential property, designed by and for the architects practice Found Associates incorporated an extensive sleek modern extension to an existing cottage. The 16 acre extension provides vast panoramic views of the private valley and pond.

The Equilux Shutters boast a bespoke design that provides visibility and ventilation through the shutter. This means that the glazed doors can be left open and the shutters lowered, and the shutters provide both security and airflow.Security shutters to countryside retreat

Close co-ordination with the architect at design stage ensures the Equilux Shutters do not detract from the design of the luxury retreat.

The shutter system is built into the dry stone walling at high level. The shutter guides were incorporated alongside the glazing and electric blinds, providing a seamless security solution to the bedroom suites.

securing new build

A finish in an anodized silver completes the specification, complementing the modern design of the luxury extension. Part of the Lutron system, the Equilux shutters form part of a setting alongside the lighting, audio and heating settings.

Download the full case study:

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Charter Global are industry leaders in the physical protection of new-build prime residential properties. We understand that security and style are both important when dealing in the UWNWI industry, and have designed our product range and service accordingly.

If you are working on a prime residential property, drop us a line to discuss your physical security requirements. Charter Global provide technical assistance through every stage of your project, and have protected hundreds of prime residential properties.

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