lps 1175 shutters

Introducing the unique Obexion range of LPS 1175 Certified Security Shutters

Obexion LPS 1175 security roller shutters are manufactured in the UK and have been tested and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR2, SR3, SR4 and SR5 standards.

In addition to this, the Obexion MD XR security shutter has been approved for UK government use by CPNI. With a full design, manufacture and installation service, Obexion’s high security shutters are designed and manufactured in the UK, with all operations accredited to ISO 9001.

The entire Obexion LPS 1175 roller shutters range includes the unique Lockdown technology, meaning no manual or solenoid locks are needed to maintain the security rating.

Obexion UD SR2 Shutter

Catering for risks in the domestic or commercial environment, the Obexion UD SR2 security shutter is designed to withstand attack by a determined opportunist using bodily force and mechanically advanced tools of medium size.

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Obexion UD SR3 Shutter

Designed to resist attacks from a deliberate forced entry using bodily force and a wide selection of attack options, the Obexion UD SR3 Shutter caters for and is generally used in commercial areas with a high risk.

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Obexion MD SR4 Shutter

Designed for very high risk commercial applications, the Obexion MD SR4 shutter resists a sustained and experienced attempt at forced entry using an extended range of hand and power tools.

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Obexion MD SR5 Shutter

The Obexion MD SR5 shutter range is designed to protect against a sustained and professional means of attempting entry using an extended range of hand and performance power tools.

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Obexion MD XR Shutter

The Obexion MD XR shutter has been approved for UK government use by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and is the most secure, third party accredited shutter system that Charter Global provide.

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