Residential security shutters are becoming more popular among modern homes in the UK to protect against increasing crime rates. The past perception of roller security shutters is that they are obtrusive, unattractive, and mainly used for business or retail premises, but, when working with an appropriate solutions provider, you will find a variety of options that can enhance your home security without compromise on design or aesthetics.

Currently unmatched within the security solutions market, Equilux residential security shutters are a completely unique approach to home security and are specifically designed as roller shutters for prestigious residencies of ultra-high net worth individuals.

Of the three fundamental elements of a property – the perimeter, shell and interior – there are various ways to reinforce the structural architecture of luxurious homes against intruders. Offering a range of solutions, Equilux Shutters are specifically manufactured to ensure unobtrusive security whilst enhancing the original and unique features of the property. Completely tailored to the home’s design and architectural structure, the mechanics of security roller shutters can be integrated within the very fabric of the building – therefore removing the need for an unsightly hood box.

It’s no surprise that luxury new build properties are a prime target for criminality, so when planning a luxury new build project, it’s important to research what security options are available, this is because they can differ a lot to those at a retro-fit stage. Equilux residential security shutters are most efficiently integrated within a property when included in the early architectural and structural planning stage. This ensures the property structure can support the shutters. Equilux offers the latest in prestigious residential construction technology, with the ability to intelligently incorporate shutters control through building management systems (BMS).

A wide range of shutter styles are available through the Equilux Security Shutter range for applications requiring unique solutions, such as shutters requiring extremely compact rolling zones for retrofit situations with limited space, bespoke measurements, a wide range of finishes to any RAL colour to best suit the property’s design, and all products are manufactured at our purpose-built facilities here in the UK. Our Equilux range offers both internal and external security roller shutters, each providing unique advantages. Either option will provide the same level of security.



The Equilux Bolt-On Security Shutter is manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles to maintain ultimate security whilst achieved enhancing property styles and aesthetics. With a complete RAL colour range and several other bespoke finishes available for a superior appearance, the internally fixed hood box offers a sleek finish suitable for properties of the UHNWI.


Brilliantly designed to be installed within the very fabric of the luxurious residential property, the Equilux Built-In Security Shutter offers a complete unobtrusive finish. Intelligently design to be controlled via any building management system, the Equilux Built-In Shutter will completely secure any luxurious properties to high specification.

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