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High Security and specialist Security Shutters from Charter Global

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What is a Security Shutter?

Security Shutters from Charter Global provide a fortified layer of protection for entrances and apertures of applications within all sectors. Durable and an obvious deterrent, security roller shutters are a highly effective physical security measure that can be specified for both high risk and low-risk properties.

The most effective way of ensuring a property is defended against intrusion or more severe risks, is to make the security measures implemented as visually obvious as possible.

Protecting the various points of entry, whether it be a Retail storefront entrance or a Healthcare facility’s car park, is vital for ensuring initial safety procedures. By reinforcing the existing door, glass or other types of opening with an independently certified shutter will not only put off petty criminals but efficiently protect the property from an array of risks.

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Security Ratings & Benefits

Arguably the most resilient physical security measure with the ability to effectively mitigate several risks with a single product, the Security Shutters currently available through Charter Global’s associated brands have been tried and tested against the LPS 1175 Issue 7 standards as set out by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). 

Charter Global can also offer Secured by Design and CPNI Approved Security Shutters.

Charter Global dedicates purpose-built manufacturing facilities to the continued development of quality security roller shutters, including the only SR2+3 perforated shutters, and the only shutter accredited to SR5 performance standards. The Obexion MD SR5 Security Shutter, extremely heavy duty and intelligently designed, is the result of original design and hours of perseverance from Charter Global’s brilliant in-house R+D team.

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Though many years of R&D, Charter Global can offer a range of unique features for each security shutter. LockDown is a unique concept process that ensures Charter Global’s security shutter can not be lifted once deployed – without the need for any auxiliary locking mechanisms.

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Another feature unique to Charter Global is emergent and rapid closure of the shutter in lock-down or crisis situations. A non-standard feature, RapiDeploy is used as a counter-terror measure, allowing the shutter to close in half the industry-standard time.

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Charter Global’s Security Shutter Range

Charter Global have specialised in securing the shell and interior of applications for many years and currently offer the highest performance shutters available on the professional market.

With dedicated manufacturing facilities within the UK, an experienced workforce and unrivalled product range, Charter Global understands the bespoke requirements each sector may have and provides a tailored service offering through associated brands:

Obexion Security Shutters

Obexion Shutters are highly developed, quality security rated shutters. Applicable for high-risk properties, the Obexion range of Security Shutters have been rigorously tried and tested in attack scenarios to effectively against multiple risks. Obexion Security Shutters are certified to LPS 1175 Issue 7, SBD, and the Obexion MDXR is approved by the CPNI for UK Government use.

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Equilux Security Shutters

Equilux is the prestigious, residential branch of Charter Global Ltd. Dedicated to securing only residential properties of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI), Equilux Shutters are tailored completely to client preference through smart home integration, architectural style and quality finishes, as well as the ability to integrate the roller shutter within a structural lintel.

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Integr8 Security Shutters

For applications that require a built-in security shutter – Integr8 Shutters offers specialised solutions that does not compromise on specification, building restrictions and aesthetic. A comprehensive range of curtain styles, lath profiles and security ratings available, and the ability to either house the roller shutter within a structural lintel, or a non-structural box.

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