Integrated Access Control for Ultra-Prime Properties

Integrating Access Control with Physical Security

Charter Global has offered integrated access control for Equilux clients for a number of years. What was once an innovative approach to security has since become the norm for security providers.

Technology is set to continue its immersion within everyday home life. From central heating controlled by remote mobile apps, to Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) on apartment building car parks.

For ultra-prime residential properties, ensuring the security measures implemented are network-ready offers more than just security. It offers complete piece of mind.

Equilux Built-In Shutter

Building Management Systems (BMS)

When discussing home security and physical security measures, integration often refers to how the product structurally sits within the building.

Integration in terms of access control is more concerned with how the measures will be controlled.

For the Equilux range of Security Shutters, for example, singular phase tubular motor can be operated via BMS systems either newly incorporated on a property, or existing systems.

This allows the shutters to be zoned per room or per elevation – there are in fact 99 zones for nearly endless options!

Home automation systems such as Control4 or Lutron specialise in automating electrical and motorised devices. This can anything from lighting, central heating, music, home cinemas, fire alarms and of course security.

equilux status indication

Multiple Systems, One Platform

Equilux’s i-Control system is an industry leading, all-embracing control system. Offering full functionality and creativity, i-Control uses an open network-based system that allows for integration within any building automation system.

In many cases, this system is configured to suit the property and client’s requirements.

Take a recent Equilux Shutter project, for example.

Within this enormous new-build property, there were over 60 Equilux Built In Shutters with Insect Mesh installed over three storeys.

Due to size of the residence and profile of the client, it was vital for a central control for the entire system.

For the new-build project, this included status indication. Status indication is the feedback configuration which allows for non-closure error reports. This is most effective when paired with obstacle detect and light curtains.

A high-tech BMS was arranged before Charter Global were introduced to the project. However, working closely alongside the engineers meant that a bespoke system operated from various handheld device was possible.

Ultimately, this access control integration provided real time feedback from anywhere.

Due to the nature of the project, we are unable to provide more information. However, here is a similar ultra-prime new build project.

equilux i-control

Error: Network Failure

In the case of network failure, hard-wired controls are also provided as standard for Equilux projects.

Hard wired control operate through entry level command delays, much the same systems as the network based control. The additional battery back up however, ensures operation in the case of power failure.

Override commands from intruder or fire alarm system are also possible.

More information on the full control options is available in the Equilux Technical Area.

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