Equilux Built-In Shutters

Equilux Built-In Shutter

Product Description

The Equilux Built-In Shutter range is an innovative solution to residential security and design.

Featuring cavity closer elements and integrated lintels, this shutter system ensures the property remains unaffected as the shutter curtain is completely concealed from view when in the raised position.

By incorporating the shutter system within a structural lintel, no guide rails are visible and the original or unique design of the residence can remain unaltered yet completely secure once the shutter is deployed.

Creating an impenetrable barrier between intruder and property, Equilux Built-In Shutters are most effective when installed during the build stage of a project to reduce structural alterations.

Unique Features

  • Unobtrusive security system at high level
  • Dedicated manufacturing to allow for complete tailoring to client preference
  • Integrated within building design
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Equilux Built-In Shutters

Removes requirement for unsightly headbox

Intelligently concealed with the wall structure, the integral shutter installation removes the need for the traditional unsightly headbox, keeping the shutter completely out of sight until deployed. Professionally complimented with an AutoCAD design team, architectural support is available for Architects and designers at every stage. 

Equilux Built-In Shutters

Tailored to property function and design

A stunning mix of traditional master craftsmanship combined with the latest in architectural design, Equilux Built-In Shutters are designed around client preference. Tailored solutions include vision and airflow, operation such as vertical rise, placement such as roof-lights and arched bay windows, solar glare protection capabilities and security.

Equilux Built-In Shutters

Secure without compromising design

Maintaining the highest standard of security through precision engineering facilities and security products expertise, extruded aluminium profiles are available in a comprehensive range of superior coatings. Finishes include a comprehensive RAL/BS colour catalogue along with anodised, polyester power coating and specialist wood grain coating.


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