Security Tested Roller Shutters – are they the right choice for my property?

Bespoke Home Security Options

Security Tested Roller Shutters – are they the right choice for my property?

A growing number of property protection products, including roller shutters, are security tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to a range of security ratings. The Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 is becoming increasingly recognised amongst security consultants, specifiers, risk managers and property owners as it provides a framework to assess products against an identified risk. In residential applications, the most frequent security level from the standard is SR2 – this provides resistance to a deliberate attempt at forced entry using bodily force and a wide selection of hand tools.

When assessing options for bespoke home security, there are a number of products that can be considered:

  • Security doors – these would cover designated points of entry to the property, and can provide an effective security solution.
  • Security rated glazing – could involve the replacement of existing glazing and there is no element of visual deterrent. Opening windows could also be a weak point.
  • Security grilles – more of a budget option, and rarely aesthetically pleasing in a residential context.
  • Security shutters – with the correct system and provider can be intelligently concealed within the fabric of the building and linked to Building Management System (BMS) to provide seamless control.

Clearly security rated roller shutters are not always necessary for all home projects, however, there is a growing use of them in specific environments and styles of property:

  • City centre properties where crime rates can be higher
  • Properties with known valuable content – artwork, jewellery etc.
  • Homes of VIP’s / sports personalities where schedules and diaries are public knowledge
  • Diplomatic and executive protection for key personnel and their families
  • Holiday and low use homes including coastal protection on out of season times


Equilux Security Rated Roller Shutters – Bespoke Home Security

bespoke home security

The range of shutters developed by Charter Global for the residential market have a number of unique features which make them particularly suited to this discerning and challenging environment:

  • The use of aluminium as the primary material ensures the shutters are both strong and compact, allowing them to provide maximum protection without impacting visually on the property
  • The unique LockDown security system secures the shutter in any position and does not require the use of any key locking to reach full security integrity. With LockDown it is not possible to leave the shutters in an insecure position or compromise the security integrity by only partially closing
  • A range of profiles allows natural ventilation and light through the shutter with full blackout being achieved through fully closed shutters
  • Bespoke and specialist finishes ensure the shutters blend with both external finished and interior design
  • Intelligent motors and controls interface with most major BMS systems allowing the shutters to fully integrate into the operation of the building
bespoke home security