Securing Vacant Business Premises Over Christmas

Whether a premises is sat vacant for two days or two weeks, ensuring the property is protected from unwanted visitors during the Christmas period is not something to be left to the last minute. Securing vacant property doesn’t require a huge undertaking, however it does need some thought.

Surveys published by the Office for National Statistics have indicated that, on average, a single incident of theft or burglary not in a dwelling will cost the building owner a £2,700. (Click here to view the statistics.) This is a hefty amount no matter the time of year.

Whilst Christmas 2018 is now upon us, here are a few short points for thought on securing vacant buildings for the years to come.

Protect the property, protect the business

Similar to how Christmas cards are received in envelopes to protect the contents, securing property must be approached in the same manner.

Wonderful for light, glass is vulnerable in so may ways that making sure a property is secure becomes almost impossible. Placing safeguarding measures including security blinds such as the Obexion Forced Entry Blind is an effective, proactive measure against forced entry. Particularly useful for commercial premises such as luxury retail stores, the Obexion Forced Entry Blind is a retrofit measure that requires no alterations to the existing structure.

An alternative to the blind is the Obexion UD SR2 Shutter and Obexion UD SR3 Shutter. Security shutters are a high performance option that Charter Global recommend for main entrances such as doorways or car parks, or large open areas. Available through Charter Global as either Bolt On or Built In, security shutters are also a fantastic visual deterrence.

The most important thing to note here is locking. There is no point reinforcing a property to such lengths if the front door isn’t locked.

“a single incident of theft or burglary not in a dwelling will cost the building owner £2,700”

Make it obvious

Where ever possible, leave the property looking as if someone is inside. This generally means illuminating the building, inside and out. Other safeguarding tactics fall into the technology category; motion reactive lighting, CCTV and alarm systems.

Keeping the building itself in a good condition is also important. More relevant for properties kept vacant for longer than a two week period, maintaining the property for new/returning occupants again falls to the property owner/manager.

This includes heating and water, general structure, and machinery or appliance maintenance. Frozen or burst water mains pipes for example, can cause untold damage within hours – let alone days.

One final consideration for property owners is to check the business and property insurances. Should an incident occur, that hefty £2,700 cost of repairs may be detrimental to your own, or your client’s business continuity.

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Wishing you all a wonderful Merry Christmas from Charter Global! Stay safe.