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Obexion Forced Entry Blind

Product Description

Designed to mitigate Bodily Force and Power Tools, the Obexion Forced Entry Blind features unparalleled resilience in the face of attack.

Manufactured with uniquely specified blades that combat direct methods of attack, the security blind creates an additional barrier of protection. Installed internally, there is no need for external design compromise.

Applicable to both new-build properties and in retrofit applications in all situations, this unique solution is perfect for properties that require security products without compromise on the building’s features.

Combining over a dozen years of product development, the Obexion Forced Entry blind features intelligent fastening methods to ensure high pressure blast deflection. Further support from high tensile steel bars and a fortified locking mechanism across the width of the blind creates an impervious barrier between attacker and property.

Unique Features

  • Extruded aluminium blades for inherent strength
  • Intelligent fastenings for controlled deflection
  • Specified security without compromising building features
  • Fortified locking mechanism


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Fully tailored to meet your requirements

The Obexion Forced Entry Blind can be tailored to suit several configurations including large window apertures and horizontal operation. Without detracting from the original window features, the nature of the security blind removes the need for regular operation whilst still featuring and easy to maintain polyester powder coating finish.

security blind

Achieves increased building integrity

Internally fixed with a reinforced steel core frame, this unique security measure is suitable for buildings that require intrusion mitigation without compromise on the property’s original features. 

security blind

Resilience against medium-risk

Manufactured with steel and fastened to inner frame using reinforced methods for inherent strength, the unique absorption design of the security blind ensures window durability.


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