A Designer’s Guide to Shutter Curtain Styles

For an ultra-prime property, aesthetic is an enormously important consideration.

For the teams responsible for delivering on this aesthetic, common challenges when facing security integration include visualisation.

Here’s what you will find in our handy designer’s guide to security shutters on ultra-prime residential property:


If unfamiliar with bespoke security systems such as the Equilux range, the term ‘security shutter’ will inspire nothing but a mental image of a rusty steel shutter.

According to the 2019 Global Ultra Prime Market Report from Knight Frank, London holds the top reputable spot in the ultra-prime market.

In fact, the average sale price for ultra-prime property in this market has settled at £33.5 million over the past three years!

Having been present in the ultra-prime residential market for many years now, Equilux has delivered more bespoke shutter systems than standard ones.

Where aesthetic is concerned, a shutter in the Equilux range is as bespoke as the specification requires.

shutter curtain


There is no cut and dry answer to the question of planning permission and security shutters; especially so for residential.

Depending on the property location and grade listing, externally fitted shutters are almost always denied.

This is due to the perception that traditional shutters do not maintain an attractive, welcoming exterior or architectural integrity.

shutter curtain

Internal or built in shutters are generally accepted.

However, each local building council will have varying regulations.

Generally speaking, any efforts that have minimal impact on the property facade will not require approval.

For Grade II Listed properties, any modifications to the building structure will necessitate some level of planning.

Always consult a local planning expert before undertaking major works.

Alternatively, further key considerations for planning permission and security shutters are available here.


The shutter and garage door range available from Equilux offer a range of shutter curtain profiles to suit various requirements.

This can include:

  • Ventilation
  • Solar control
  • Headroom requirements
  • Security

Here is an example: the CompactDUO Premium lath profile (as above) caters for properties that require ventilation and solar control without having to open the shutter.

By including the expanding perforated profile at intervals across the shutter, the shutter ensures privacy without the feeling of being secluded.

The entire system is controlled via a control panel or BMS, with dual mode operation.
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Where it is possible, ensuring the shutter is built into the structure achieves the best architectural finish.

This therefore solves the issue of compromise that many architects come across.

A built in system also ensures the shutter headbox is completely hidden within the structural steel lintel.

When involved early enough on the project, further action can be taken to build the side guides within the wall, and are therefore only visible when the shutters are raised

The Minima lath profile goes a step further in reducing the shutter roll zone space required.

Achieving almost half the size of standard roll zones, the Minima lath profile is the ideal solution for applications where there is very limited headroom space.


In terms of shutter finishes, the options are almost endless.

The entire range of Charter Global security shutters are manufactured with an all aluminium extrusion.

The main benefits are that the shutter is lightweight and powder coating to the full RAL/BS chart is simple.

More aesthetically pleasing finishes are also available; a textured finish can be achieved to create depth and contrast on home that features living wood or glass.

On the other hand, a timber veneer can also be used to compliment traditional style residences.

Charter Global has the capability to meet almost any requirement in regards to finish.