High Security Garage Door

High-value vehicles and leisure equipment protected in Beaconsfield


As part of a major building refurbishment, a luxury residential property in Beaconsfield now benefits from a new garage protected by Equilux Garage Doors. The extensive garage was built to house a number of high value vehicles and leisure equipment and, as a result, required a significant level of round the clock security. Equilux Garage Doors was able to supply the protection required due to its unique design that enables the roller security shutter mechanics to be integrated into the actual fabric of the building, making the door far less prone to attack. The lintels and cavity closer guides were installed by the builder as the garage construction progressed, with the security shutter itself installed by qualified engineers.



The design of the Equilux Garage Door system has also allowed for maximum use of the available room in the garage as the shutter is housed within a structural lintel and therefore takes up no usable space. A further matching shutter on a personnel door has also been installed, removing the need for a traditional swing door. A key consideration of the garage build was to ensure the security shutter complemented the traditional design of the property. A timber finish was selected from a wide range of options, with the side guides finished in an alternate colour. The completed installation now provides the owners with a high level of garage security without compromising the design of the property.



  • Combined structural lintel and shutter hood box for traditional build styles
  • Combined side guide and insulated cavity closer, brick tied to structure
  • System installed at new build stage
  • Routine maintenance via internal access panel
  • Shutter and side guides polyester powder coated to any RAL/BS colour
  • Maximum security owing to integrated design