Sequential Security for Commercial Premises


A solution featuring Charter Global products including the Obexion UD SR3 Shutter, Obexion SR3 Door and Obexion Standard Grille, this UK based commercial property was initially lacking efficient security.

Charter Global was approached to assess the current state of security and to recommend the best course of action against existing risk profile.

The result? An intelligent approach to sequential security. Read more:

With large quantities of valuable goods stored and transported on and off site, this commercial property required multiple reinforcements to both the personnel entrance, vehicle entrances and windows.

Security measures were specified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating (SR) 3 for this medium to high risk environment.

Following a risk assessment of the facility, any attack on the property was profiled as severe rather than opportunistic, with little to no regard for the potential damage to either property or people.

The physical security measures proposed erred on holistic, largely due to the nature of the assets and proposed building use, specified at no less than performance rating LPS 1175 SR3.

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Access was also an important part of the security matrix, which is where the concept of sequential security was applicable; ensuring potential intruders could not see into the building at any time was essential to the client’s security, so that had to be taken into consideration when designing the security solution.


With three sides of the building accessible via public footpath, the works began with personnel working areas.

Multiple Obexion SR3 Doorsets were installed throughout the building, with panic escape hardware and vision panels for both fire regulation and DDA compliance.

Further works to vulnerable staff enclosures including installation of the Obexion Standard Grille, manufactured sympathetic to existing window units and ultimately offering the premises a more obvious deterrent as mitigation of less severe, opportunistic criminal activity.

The layout of the property highlighted various challenges.

On recommendation from Charter Global’s assessment, the internal loading bay received an additional structural wall so to create a security vestibule and sequential opening and closing shutter system.

The vestibule approach to access control is well used through the industry, especially within applications that regular host high profile individuals such as within the Government sector.

The pre-existing external shutter, non-SR rated, remained so to eliminate concerns of visually enhancing the external perimeter.

The internal shutter was therefore engineered fit for purpose; with a high duty cycle motor the Obexion UD SR3 Shutter allows for varying speeds of operation including Lockdown capability in case of incident along with a safety light curtain for additional safety on auto-close.


For additional reinforcement in the unlikely case of failure, the Obexion Anti-Ram Gate was installed to the internal face of the security shutter.

A high gallows style steel frame with reinforced swing and slam posts, the gate provides vital protection to the internal space should ram-raid attack take place whilst one, or both, of the sequential security shutters were compromised.

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The sequential security measures implemented within this commercial facility were all finished to client preferred polyester powder coat finish.

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