obexion security grille

Obexion Standard Grille

Product Description

The Obexion Standard Grille is an attractive, diamond shaped lattice security grille that ensures a secure enclosure for various applications.

Best suited in situations that require a cost-effective, visual deterrent for criminal activity, the Obexion Standard Grille can discreetly stack back to a fraction of the aperture.

A great benefit of the Obexion Standard Grille is it’s ability to integration within any property alongside existing, or new security solutions. Installed within the window or door aperture in either a reveal or internal face fix, minimal disruption is caused to the property structure.

Unique Features

  • Discreetly stacks out of sight
  • Integration with other existing/updated security systems
  • Reveal and internal face fix
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obexion security grille

Strong two-point slam lock

With extremely durable interlocking padlock clasps, the Obexion Standard Grille is secured with by a strong two-point slam locking system. Available as either a single (locking to one side) or a double (central locking post) security grille, this product is flexible to suit application style and architectural structure. 

obexion security grille

Lift out bottom track with swivel return

Effective mitigation of forced entry via Bodily Force, the Obexion Standard Grille features a lift out bottom track for larger apertures such as doorways. The lift up, lift out track ensures maximum accessibility, whilst the swivel return maintains usability – without compromising the standard of security. 

obexion security grille

Reveal and face fix installation

With high tempered aluminium alloys and steel components, the Obexion Standard Grille provides security to various applications including Communications facilities and Transport centres. 


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