Internal Security for Prestigious Residential Property

For private residences, internal security is rarely the top priority. However for properties in the prime residential sector, there must be consideration beyond locks and deadbolts for securing the residence.

Thought once to have been the site of a pre-medieval moat, this prestigious four-storey residence was secured by Charter Global. The home received internal physical security as part of a complete refurbishment. Whilst only one element of the renovation, it was vital as the home would also be the base for the client’s business.


Striping the prime residence back it’s original structure was huge undertaking for both architect, contractor and client. Although not a listed building, the borough of Richmond is heavily graded which further complicated the project.

The security measures implemented had to be aesthetically pleasing and integrate well with the surrounding properties.

Forty Equilux Built-In Shutters were ultimately installed on the project. By integrating the roller shutter barrel within the structural lintel, each shutter is completely hidden from view yet secures the opening when deployed.

The lintels of varying sizes were installed by the contractor during Phase II of the luxury project. The barrel and shutter installation were completed later during the interior construction by Charter Global’s experience engineers.

A number of Equilux Bolt-On Shutters were also installed where structural lintels were not required.


Throughout the 18th Century residence, the internal shutters sit neatly behind the traditional timber window frames. Finished in RAL 9016 to suit the modern interior, the shutters secure each interior space including the basement leading to the underground swimming pool.

Charter Global were specified by the project’s architect and therefore involved from the beginning. As the only manufacturer to provide such a bespoke solutions, early involvement on site is key to ensuring a top quality finish.

The structural brick-slip lintels are brilliant for architecturally aesthetic or historic properties. As they completely remove the need for a unsightly head box, there is almost no compromise on internal aesthetic.

This therefore creates a secure enclosure without damaging the look and feel of the property. It also minimises the need for alterations to the original structural drawings.


The property’s main entrance also received a security upgrade. Bespoke to requirement and property style, the Equilux Front Door was included later on in the project.

The Equilux Front Door was less reliant on the need for early involvement. Therefore, installation happened during the latter end of the project to protect the finish from accident damage.