Access Options for Luxury Homes

Welcome to our second and final installation of Access & Controls, following on from our earlier article Integrated Shutter Controls for Ultra-Prime Properties.

Beyond the certifications and standards of security tested products, modern controls have both solved and created vulnerabilities for luxury homes.

Within this article we will cover the basics of what access options are best suited for residential security doors, and give best-practise recommendations for intended applications.


For the majority of British households, a simple multi-point lock with key access control is sufficient security for their physical security.

For affluent homeowners there is greater vulnerability. Particularly for those that classify as UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) where privacy and security become a top concern alongside an increase in public profile. Access as part of the physical security solution may therefore be the difference between a secure home and a vulnerable one.

As experts in implementing physical security on luxury homes, identifying potential vulnerabilities is a vital element of our product recommendation process.

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The Equilux Door range currently offers the latest in technology developments and stylish accessories. When discussing controls for doors, it is almost entirely related to access control.

There are three popular categories of access controls:

  • Key Access
  • Smart Control
  • Biometric Access

Key Access

The most traditional locking mechanism for front and internal doors. The hardware and accessories options for key access therefore offer the widest selection of styles and finishes.

From lever handles (with or without back plates) or pull bars to door knockers and letterboxes, our hardware selection includes finishes such as chrome, matt brass, and stainless steel.

As standard, each Equilux Front Door is secured with a 10-bolt safelock mechanism.

With the option for further 16 steel bolts to be mounted along the steel frame, key access is a secure option for properties with low-to-medium risk.

security front door


As the adoption of smart home technology rises, compatibility with existing software has become paramount.

Smart control for Equilux Doors can include anything from a keypad access control systems, such as for a staff entrances or an internal door to a wine cellar, to Bluetooth integration and monitoring via a smart device.

It is good to keep in mind that the complexity of the system should reflect the value, size or location of the prime property. A luxurious townhouse in Kensington for example, will have different requirements to a sprawling country estate in the Cotswolds.

Bringing the home up to date with all modern technology is a balancing act. There is an element of gadget for gadgets-sake, but for best results the smart tech cannot compromise the physical security.

security front door

Modern methods of automation utilise integration from all electrical components, from lighting to water. Smart control will ensure peace of mind and a secure home from any remote location.

On the flip side of the coin however, it does also present new challenges for maintaining that high standard of cybersecurity.

Smart control is generally recommended for individuals with a portfolio of national or international properties.


Biometric access control is a highly secure means of authentication through physical attributes such as a fingerprint recognition.

Biometric access readers are most commonly reserved for reinforced areas within a home such as panic rooms. This is mainly as biometrics techniques are inherently based on who people are rather than their possessions.

This type of access control is coveted but rarely required.

equilux biometric door


In comparison to doors, controls for Equilux Security Shutters is more concerned with security over access.

The entire range of Equilux Security Shutters and Equilux Garage Doors incorporate a single phase tubular motor.

Similarly with doors, there are three tiers of controls options:

  • i-Touch
  • i-Command
  • i-Control

Read more on our original access control article here.

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As is the case with every Equilux project, we are able to provide project-specific solutions in line with property usage and personal requirements.

In terms of aesthetic, each access control option offers a fair amount of choice. From traditional door knockers to modern pull bars, we are also able to work closely with ironmongers and hardware specialists to create a flawless finish.