Concealed Roller Shutters for River Thames Boathouse

Concealed Roller Shutters installed in a River Thames Boathouse

Equilux Shutters recently completed fitting concealed roller shutters on a boathouse on the River Thames. The additional outbuilding was part of an extensive property, that even included a secure mooring for the owners boat.

The building included an upper floor that was to be used as a function room, with a balcony overlooking the river and space for large social gatherings. As the building would be used for social events it was important to the client that the concealed roller shutters were of unobtrusive design as well as the required security.

The shutter would be submerged in the river when in the lowered position, and had to allow the water to flow freely through it, to ensure the water level in the boathouse matched the river level. Working closely with the client, contractor and the architect the challenge was overcome through the specification of marine grade finish. This ensured that the water did not damage the shutter integrity or the paint finish. A punched lath profile was included to the lower section of the shutter, which allowed a free flow of water. In addition, as the mechanism of the shutter would be permanently wet, a waterproof motor was specified, reducing the need for frequent maintenance visits on the concealed roller shutters.

The shutter detailing was included with the detailed design of the project and ensured a minimum onsite installation time. All interfaces surrounding the shutter had been anticipated and allowed for correctly, including the shutter electrical requirements are controls. Remote control was selected for ease of use and security, leaving no switches visible for potential intruders to attack.

With a long history of thinking outside the box, the Equilux design team for this projects were able to create a specification that met the requirements of this location. This was achieved whilst maintaining the need for security and not compromising the finished visual effect of the building design.

concealed roller shutters

Boathouse and function room on the River Thames

concealed roller shutters

Boathouse shutter in lowered position

concealed roller shutters

Marine grade powder coat finish specified to protect shutter curtain

concealed roller shutters

Operated via remote control for ease of use