Domestic Roller Shutters – Are They Right for my London Property?

Are domestic roller shutters right for my London property?

Charter Global’s premium brand, known as Equilux, specialises in discreet security solutions for residential properties. Part of this service is an enhanced range of roller shutters that have developed specifically for private residences on the London market.

The UK, London in particular, is home to some of the most pricey real estate in the world. Incorporating a bespoke approach is a must for homeowners and their security teams.

Equilux is led directly by our client’s security needs. By integrating domestic roller shutters through intelligent building design and modern methods of construction, high security levels can be achieved.

Key features of domestic roller shutters

Domestic roller shutters have several key benefits over other traditional methods of home security. These include:

  • Installation during the build or early stages of renovation
  • Integrated solution that doesn’t compromise the aesthetics
  • Simple maintenance access with a detachable external hood box
  • Shutter and side guides can be finished to match proeprty style
  • Highest level of physical security available
  • Easily managed and controlled via remote or a BMS system

Our team here at Charter Global have secured many residential properties, each with a bespoke approach simply because of the requirement.

Here is a case study of how a client required an internal solution. The brief essentially required a system that would protect, without compromising the aesthetic created by the hard-working design and architectural teams. We worked with the developer to provide home shutter installations whilst maintaining stylish finish.

domestic roller shutters

London Domestic Roller Shutters Project


Equilux Shutters were specified on this London with tight planning restrictions. and it was imperative that the security shutters remained discreet and did not protrude into any of the rooms.


Equilux security shutters installed to all basement and ground floor doors and windows and first floor office. The project brief was achieved by installing shutters internally, using brick slip applied lintels where possible. These were installed earlier during the porject’s construction to ensure the flush finish later on.

  • Shutters were polyester powder coated to a specialist RAL colour to compliment the property style
  • Shutters were integrated into the property’s Building Management System, using a unique I-stat indication panel. This confirms the open/closed position of the shutters.
  • Retrofit security shutter solution to minimise the visual impact on existing buildings

Aesthetics were of the utmost importance. Charter Global worked closely throughout the project programme to ensure the Equilux Built In Shutters remained completely concealed and did not visually protrude into any of the rooms.

Despite the lack of space for the larger shutters in the bay and basement windows (the latter of which spanned over 6000mm), this was accomplished by installing the shutters internally using brick slip applied lintels. The shutters have been polyester powder coated to a specialist RAL colour to compliment the property style.

domestic roller shutters


A highly secure and aesthetically pleasing luxury home in London. The clients’ expectations were exceeded.

domestic roller shutters

Further information

If you require more information on domestic roller shutters, then feel free to download our guide on ‘Bespoke, Integrated Shutters’. To download, please click the image below.

bespoke integrated security shutters guide