Security Shutters for Overseas: Project Sudan

Sourcing security shutters for overseas property portfolios can present a unique set of challenges.

From environmental factors to social crime, project considerations here in the UK will be very different from considerations for private homes in other parts of the world.

There are few solutions are designed specifically for premium domestic properties that consider architectural design – rather than simply security – a key factor.

On many an occasion, we’ve been approached to provide security shutters for overseas projects.

Here is one such project.


For a client based in Khartoum, Sudan, the location and surrounding area in North Africa presented a complicated landscape for the architect to specify security products.

With sandstorms being more common, the shutter specification had to withstand the abrasion of airborne sand particles.

To keep the sand from entering homes in Khartoum, it is standard practice for properties to have insect screens over all the doors and windows.

Historically, our Equilux Shutter range has been successful in protecting the home from threats, yes, but also corrosion when located on a waterfront.

In Sudan, water ingress is much less of an issue!

A complicated and exciting project, we provided over 30 security shutters with bespoke controls and curtains to meet the requirement of both security and weather conditions.

security shutter for overseas

The Project Details

Upon the initial meeting with the project architect, it was clear that a fully integrated security stainless steel lintel system would be most effective in securing the new build home.

Our technical design team worked in close coordination with the project’s team here in the UK and the site engineers in the Sudan.

By creating a custom test rig in our Reading premises, we were able to cater for all of the openings on the property remotely.

Here is a short video of the rig in action:


Each shutter has an anodized black finish. This unique finish is integral to the metal and cannot peel or flake, offering the maximum protection from sandstorms.

Our brilliant Design and Technical team developed a bespoke dual side guide to cater for the insect screen and the security shutter.

Concealed within the wall construction in recessed side guides, the shutter and the insect operate independently. Maximum security and clear visual aesthetics are maintained when the shutters are raised.

The bottom of the insect screen slots into a recess in the window sill to ensure the opening is fully protected.

As for security, renowned LockDown profile system ensured maximum security and minimum roll sizes – keeping the shutter and insect screen combination compact within the structural lintel.

security shutter for overseas


To ensure complete ease of install once the product is onsite, an adjustable test rig was created for the project.

Each Equilux Built-In Shutter lintel (along with the insect mesh) were fully commissioned prior to leaving the factory, each set up for the specific window or door opening.

As the shutters were a supply-only item to Khartoum, the project engineers attended the factory for training on the install of the lintels, guides and shutters.

security shutter for overseas