Securing a Community Building – Case Studies

At Charter Global, we have a wealth of experience in securing a community building. Community centres, by their very nature, are the hub of an area and can take shape in the form of parks, swimming pools, youth centres and other buildings. Ensuring community buildings remain secure should be a priority of local governments and parish councils.

Community centres, no matter their purpose, often house items of both non-monetary and pricey values. A security breach would not only result in a loss of stock, but it can also have a damaging effect on the reputation and public use of the building. Within the same breath, it is essential that the building itself is designed to be welcoming and open to the community that it serves.

With all of these projects – we were able to provide expert advice as to the best practices of securing a community building. Once security measures had been decided, we were able to liaise with the architect to provide design solutions, all the way from the pre-planning stage, right through to final installation.

Securing a community building – our favourite case studies

Kilburn Grange Park

Kilburn Grange Children Centre is a facility in North London that provides an active and safe learning facility for the local community, boasting an extensive indoor play area and a fully equipped outdoor adventure playground to enhance the learning experience. Charter Global were briefed with providing a security solution that would contrast the naturally built premises.

The Integr8 Non Structural Built In shutter was chosen as it neatly clips on to the timber frame, ensuring concealed aesthetics and a very effective level of security.

  • Kilburn Grange Park

Bathgate Swimming Pool

Bathgate swimming pool, West Lothian, is an excellent example of securing a community building. The new swimming pool complex comprises of an extensive leisure facility to replace a dated centre for the Bathgate community.

The shutter was installed in the building to maximise daylight into the swimming area, whilst creating a spacious and open feel. When the building is unoccupied, the glazing is effectively protected by our security shutter system, which descends in a controlled manner from within the eaves.

  • Bathgate Swimming Pool
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Craig Park Youth Centre

Craig Park Youth Centre, Enfield, is a flagship hub for the community. The building design was central to the project to create an enthusing nucleus for the area; a large community break-out area included, with large expanses of frame-less glazing to enhance the exciting feel of the building.

Security was important to ensure the community felt confident and safe, and the high value of investment into the building and equipment required the maximum security with no intrusion onto the unique and eye-catching building design. Our shutter system was installed to give the maximum possible security – the shutter curtain cannot be forced up when in the lowered and requires no secondary point of locking.

  • Craig Park Youth Centre

Heysham Community Centre

Heysham Community Centre, situated in Lancashire, approached Charter Global with the task of securing their community building. The brief was simple: an aesthetically pleasing solution that didn’t compromise on security. Servicing these requirements can sometimes be difficult, however, the Integr8 Structural Lintel Shutter incorporates a very effective security barrier and glazing protection, whilst maintaining the visual aspect of the original building design.

Charter Global commenced work with the architect form an early stage in the detail design process, a RAL colour was chosen that further complimented the building design, interface with surrounding structural steel work was assessed and incorporated alongside the structural lintel and the shutter controls were considered at a timely point in the design, all ensuring a seamless onsite experience; from delivery to installation to project completion.

  • Heysham Village Hall


Further information on securing a community building

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