Intelligent Physical Security for Multi-Use Project

Stockbridge Village Regeneration Scheme

Built-In and concealed security shutters played a crucial part in the intelligent physical security solution for this multi-use project in Stockbridge.

intelligent physical security

Integr8 Security Shutter over the shop-front

intelligent physical security

4 Integr8 Structural Built-In Shutters

Part of a wider area regeneration scheme by Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, the Stockbridge Village regeneration project, featuring a new primary school, neighbourhood centre, library and a supermarket has transformed the village centre to create a welcoming focal point for residents and visitors.

Fundamental to the project was the desire to create an open site, without the use of perimeter fencing, walls etc., whilst still providing protection for the buildings out of hours.

Architects 2020 Liverpool searched for a solution that didn’t impact negatively on the design of the buildings and the feeling of openness, whilst at the same time provided a high level of security.

intelligent physical security

Intelligent physical security

Working closely with the architect, a solution was designed to suit every opening, including the large glazed features on the school and swimming pool in the Neighbourhood centre.

The Integr8 security shutters are designed into the actual fabric of the building.

In the raised position, the shutter and all its mechanics are completely concealed from view. In the lowered position, the shutters ensure effective security whilst matching the style of the building, creating an intelligent physical security barrier.

Coupled with the attractive use of several external façade finishes, including brickwork, render and rain screen cladding, the Integr8 Structural Built-In Shutters complement the overall building design.

intelligent physical security

Integr8 Non-Structural Built-In Shutter

Several years on the roller shutters have been fully established within this busy working environment with great success.

Regular maintenance by Charter Global engineers ensures continued high security for the buildings and peace of mind for the public for the years ahead.

intelligent physical security

Lath finish to suit client specification and building design

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