Case Study – Financial Institution Security Shutters

Physical security is often overlooked when considering protecting a financial institution, with risk managers increasingly concentrating on electronic security.

Cyber attacks are on the rise and breaches in data security can lead to hefty fines, commercial loss and negative press for global financial organisations.

With an increased risk of terror attacks as well and no real decline in criminality, the finance industry should still be concentrating on and investing in physical security for their premises.

Charter Global have recently installed Obexion Shutters to a project for a client who was looking to strengthen the physical security and attack resilience of a landmark building in a crowded city location.

How Charter Global helped to solve the problem of securing a financial institution

The client brief was to install security shutters to all first floor balconies that could be deployable in a short amount of time in the event of a terror attack. This would protect vulnerable access points into the heart of the building.

They also required a discreet and measured level of security resistance to LPS 1175 SR3 to prevent forced entry.

Given the iconic nature of the facility, it was essential to implement the security enhancements without damaging the aesthetic appeal.

It was also an operational requirement that the security shutters were to be operated from a remote location.

Financial institution security shutters

Having received the brief from the client, it was decided that Charter Global’s Obexion UD SR3 shutter with the RapiDeploy upgrade would be the most appropriate solution for the project.

The Obexion UD SR3 shutter is a unique, innovative and integrated design solution requiring no locks to achieve full security – essential when closing in a panic scenario.

Shutters certified to LPS 1175 SR3 have been designed to withstand attack by a determined opportunist using bodily force and mechanically advanced tools of medium size.

financial institution security shutters

The RapiDeploy upgrade fulfilled the client’s specification of being able to deploy the security system in a short amount of time. RapiDeploy incorporates an intelligent control to allow the shutters to close rapidly in the event of a terror-like attack, protecting both people and property.

Working closely with the Charter Global design team, the architects incorporated the Obexion UD SR3 security shutter into the existing building design. This was achieved with minimal intrusion to the surrounding area, just as the client had specified.

The client was delighted with the final installation as there was no aesthetic compromise, the shutters operated exactly in accordance with the brief and the combination of the level of security and the speed at which it deploys reduced the risk profile to an acceptable level.

They have subsequently engaged with Charter Global to service and maintain the equipment for the years to come.

financial institution security shutters

The early involvement of Charter Global in the project meant that the experienced design team could offer expert advice to provide the most suitable security solution and implementation for the client’s needs.

For more information on how RapiDeploy can be incorporated to your security shutter solution, why not take a look at our free guide? You can download by clicking the image below.


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