Case Study – New Security Shutter Technology RapiDeploy in Action

Charter Global have recently completed a security shutter installation for a high profile client in the financial district of London.

Having been approached with the objective of securing internal choke points within the building against terror attack, Obexion security shutters were recommended to this client by other financial institutions that had previously benefited from the same protection.

Security shutters were selected as there is minimal visual impact when the shutters are raised – important for the aesthetics of high profile reception areas.

The client team (client, building management company & security consultant) were already familiar with the LPS 1175 SR3 standard and had decided that this particular security standard was the most appropriate for their risk profile.

A key concern was how to discreetly install the shutter within the existing structure without compromising the security.

Obexion security shutters have a very small rolling zone, unique to the product of this security specification and are also certified to install sub assembly steel framework to support the shutter.

The result was a concealed yet effective security barrier that remains unnoticed during standard operation of the building and linked to the wider security operating system of the building.

New Security Shutter Technology: The need for RapiDeploy

Once installation was complete, the client asked Charter Global to investigate possible upgrade options to allow the shutter to close more rapidly in emergency situations.

The physical proportions of the product and the environment meant that physical changes to the product were not an option and the specialist electronics team developed the RapiDeploy upgrade panel that allowed the closing speed of the existing security shutter to be doubled.

The project highlighted to Charter Global the need for RapiDeploy in high-security situations.

To close a shutter at this speed in this environment needs specific risk assessment, product design, test and maintenance procedure.

RapiDeploy is beneficial for any building that needs to protect assets (people or property) from rapid and dynamic attacks.

These would typically be terror situations rather than criminality and this is reflected in risk assessments with reference to the suitable level of response.

Possible targets would be banks, finance houses, commercial office, embassies, government buildings, public buildings etc.

Why Obexion were the perfect partner in this security shutter solution

In this particular instance, the client team chose Obexion security shutters primarily for the LPS certification on the Obexion product range, alongside a recommendation from another financial institution.

From a product angle, the LockDown system is crucial to the security and success of this project and a key reason in why Obexion were chosen.

This feature ensures that the shutter cannot be raised by force from whatever position it is stopped in. In a terror situation, if an attacker were to reach the still closing shutter, it would be impossible to stop and lift it.

Another fantastic feature of the LockDown technology is that once the shutter system is closed, it does not need a key locking system to secure it.

Obexion security shutters development of technologies such as LockDown and RapiDeploy alongside their knowledge and experience within the security shutter industry meant that they were an obvious choice in partner.

Another bonus to the services that Charter Global provide as standard was the initial risk assessment consultancy followed up by the ability to service and maintain the security shutter system.

For prospective clients looking for a suitable security shutter developer and installer, Charter Global proved once again that they were the perfect choice with Obexion security shutters.

The client’s challenge was solved by bringing a mixture of experience, technology, product and process together in a unique way.

The project was such a success that the client has engaged a five-year service and maintenance contact.

For more information on RapiDeploy and the benefit it can bring to your organisation, why not give Obexion a call? Our number is: 0845 050 8705.

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