Securing the property often falls to the responsibility of the lead contractors on site

Here’s how Charter Global can help.

how contractors can secure property

When approaching security, developments of all sizes require at the very least an understanding of the risks posed to the building or facility, not to mention the implications of structural capabilities and specification requirements.

Charter Global work closely with property developers in all sectors including residential, commercial and government-funded.

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Currently offering a comprehensive range of solutions through three premium associations, Charter Global work closely with contractors to successfully mitigate risks including Power Tools and Blast.

The service provided by each premium association allows for flexibility. Dedicated manufacturing facilities, specialist on-site engineers, experience designers and a wealth of knowledge regarding specification, Charter Global efficiently propose solutions suitable for all applications.


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How do Charter Global work with Contractors?

From a contractors’ point of view, predicting all risks a property will face in its lifetime before the site is even complete is somewhat redundant. Charter Global can provide intrinsic value to a project by highlighting the most vulnerable applications of a property. Further support can also be providing regarding risk and supporting intelligent construction for the development of secured property.

Charter Global are committed to several construction industry standards with credentials including CHAS Contractors and CSCS Platinum Commitment award. Security standards achievements include Licensed Consultants credentials, as provided by the police crime prevention initiative Secured By Design (SBD). Further information provided here.

Charter Global have invested heavily in the development of solutions to an extensive range of specifications. Offering the only SR3 perforated Security Shutter currently on the market, along with the first SR5 Security Shutter to be certified to the LPS 1175 security standard.

This is further supported by complete manufacturing capacity, allowing Charter Global to efficiently work within predetermined deadlines and lead times. An explicit understanding of both fields ensure Charter Global can efficiently work alongside contractors to deliver projects on time and in budget.

Why should a Contractor work with Charter Global?

Provided with detailed working drawings for every project, contractors can seamlessly integrate physical security measures into the very fabric of a structure in early-stage projects. In comparison to refurbishment projects, detailing installation requirements in conjunction to specification is the most efficient means of securing a property. For retrofit projects, alterations can be costly.

Security solutions are most effective with early involvement.

Charter Global’s unique offerings of complete property solutions provides contractors with all necessary technical information and specifications from a single source, therefore eliminating the risk of miscommunication. The nature of involvement also allows contractors to use Charter Global on an ad-hoc basis through dedicated project managers and clarity of scope of works.

From initial design concept to continued onsite requirements through site attendance requests (SARs), Charter Global’s experienced installation engineers are on hand at every step of the project, such as practical onsite knowledge of structural integration of cavity closer guides.

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