5 advantages of home security shutters

5 advantages of home security shutters

We take you through our top 5 advantages of home security shutters, and why they’re a great choice for your luxury residential property.

Advantages of home security shutters


Security Shutters not only prevent a burglar from knowing what priceless possessions are in your property, but the use of security shutters also removes risk of opportunistic attacks which could usually take place quickly and without planning. It is simply not possible to get through the shutters without noisy and expert equipment. This is particularly relevant when a property has antiques and other irreplaceable items which home insurance can’t retrieve.

advantages of home security shutters



Properties in central locations, such as London, can often need shutters for privacy. Using security shutters can address both of these issues whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the home. Integrated and bespoke shutters can be fitted in a completely concealed way.


Whilst protecting important possessions is a key motive when finding a home security solution; another point to consider is that although a property may be have full insurance, the psychological effect of a successful break in has a much stronger and lasting effect. While CCTV and alarm systems can monitor the activity around and within a property these are unable to deter or prevent intruders from attempting forced entry.


It is rarely a consideration, but residential security shutters are actually great at insulating properties. Keeping property warm in the cold winter months and cool in the summer months. This can even lead to a lowering in the cost of utilities because heating and air conditioning will not need to be used as much. If a bespoke home security solution is used, perforated shutters can be installed to allow the shutters to remain closed at night whilst allowing natural ventilation from the cooler external air.

advantages of home security shutters


Typically security shutters would be operated alongside the properties combined lighting, audio and temperature control using a building management system (BMS). This makes it easy to integrate into any lifestyle as it is controlled at the touch of a button via a building control console or a smartphone app, a BMS allows remote and worldwide operation for the client.

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