Protecting Against the Threat of Ram-Raids on Retail Premises

Here at Charter Global, we often hear about ambitious breaks-ins and attempted raids on retail premises. These can be anything from opportunist attacks on small, independent stores, to planned thefts on larger establishments.

But successful or otherwise, the cost of a break-in on a store can be substantial, and that’s not to mention the financial losses due to the store’s closure during repairs.

Security shutters for retail premises are a good option to help with protecting against ram raids in a retail environment.

protecting against ram raids

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Why is there a need to protect against ram raids for retail stores?

In fact, the cost of retail crime in the UK reached £613 million last year, with the most commonly stolen items being those found in kiosks and POS displays.

Typically containing high-value, easy to sell good (tobacco, jewellery, technology, etc.) these make particularly appealing targets to thieves.

Earlier in the month, such a robbery was attempted when ram-raiders attacked a branch of Sainsbury’s Local in Coal-pit Heath. In this instance, the raid was ultimately unsuccessful, as the robbers were unable to gain access to the cigarette kiosk.

But the damage caused by the attempted entry was significant. The vehicle had smashed through the bollard in front of the store’s automatic door, as well as the door itself.

Subsequently, there have even been concerns about the structural integrity of the entrance, perhaps necessitating serious repair work.

protecting against ram raids

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Security Shutters for Retail Premises – Our Solution for Protecting against ram raids

Here at Charter Global, we understand how important defensive measures are to the protection of your retail business.

There are a number of different shutter solutions, which would fit your bespoke needs, as well as provide adequate defence against ram-raid attacks like this.

To help retail owners and site managers determine the best secure roller shutter solution for their retail premises, we’ve produced a completely free guide on ‘Security Shutters for Retail’.

It covers everything from the type of premises you’re protecting, to everyday operational considerations you may not have thought of.

To download the guide, please click on the image below.

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