Equilux Garage Door

Secure outhouses with the Equilux Garage Door

Vulnerable as intruders don’t except additional security measures, garage doors can be subject to serious attempts of forced entry.

An area of residential properties that are often overlooked, garages can contain the most valuable material possessions. This can include expensive vehicles, luxury furnishings or home cinema equipment. Set apart from the main entrance, garages also provide direct access into the home.

It is therefore important to consider the best method of protection.

The Equilux Garage Door inherits the development of a high-security commercial shutter, without any of the unsightly features. Whilst the shutter must provide access and be an obvious deterrence for opportunistic criminals, there must be a balance.

Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door

The Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door is the perfect solution for achieving and maintaining secure enclosures in a buildings standing independently from the main residence. Achieves complete concealment through structural lintels.

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Equilux Built-In Garage Door

Equilux Garage Doors can be integrated with the integral fabric of the building structure through the unique Charter Global system, referred to as the Equilux Built-In Garage Door system. To achieve complete concealment, the shutter is integrated within the structural lintel. 

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