Equilux Garage Door

Fortify residential outhouses with the Equilux Garage Door range

Garage and outhouses, the best application for the Equilux Garage Doors range, are an area of residential properties that is often overlooked when implementing security measure. Considered to less of a risk to criminals, garages can contain the most valuable material possessions such as luxurious vehicles, or home cinema equipment. Garages are therefore important to protect as often set apart from the main residence; the Equilux Garage Door range offers the perfect solution.  

Equilux Garage Doors are designed, manufactured and installed completely to customer and client preference. A product suitability for a project depends on the building type – new build or refurbishment. For new builds, the Built-In Garage Door is an excellent way to achieve complete concealment. In retrofit situations, or Bolt-On, this is dependent on property capability though high standards of security performance can be achieved in both cases.

Equilux Garage Doors have been developed to suit the capability requirements of the intended applications, garages and outhouses, iwht particular focus on access and visual deterrents. There must be a balance between obvious, physical security in place to deter opptimistic intruders, without detracting from the architectural style of the overall property. Initially developed for the Equilux Shutter range, the technology integrated within the Equilux Garage Door has been refined over may years.

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Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door

The Equilux Bolt-On Garage Door is the perfect solution for achieving and maintaining secure enclosures in a buildings standing independently from the main residence. Achieves complete concealment through structural lintels.

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Equilux Built-In Garage Door

Equilux Garage Doors can be integrated with the integral fabric of the building structure through the unique Charter Global system, referred to as the Equilux Built-In Garage Door system. To achieve complete concealment, the shutter is integrated within the structural lintel. 

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