Physical Security for Healthcare Facilities

At Charter Global, we’ve worked on a wide range of varied projects to ensure physical security for healthcare facilities. Whilst cyber threats in the healthcare industry may get more news coverage than traditional break-ins of premises, it is still an issue.

Doctors surgeries, hospitals and medical centres are an attractive target for thieves, as they often house expensive medical equipment and pharmaceutical products that can be sold on to make a profit.

In some serious cases, if the security of a healthcare facility has been compromised, this can lead to worries of contamination for those involved and can mean a huge wastage of medical equipment.

Here are some of our favourite healthcare facility security projects we’ve worked on:



This truly inspirational medical centre design has been developed using the latest building materials and methods, being predominantly a concrete frame with SFS inner skin construction.

As with all medical centres, burglary is of paramount concern, hence the granite external façade to the ground floor, complimented with the Integr8 range of security shutters to ensure complete protection. Integr8 Non-Structural Built-In security shutters were intelligently clipped to the inner skin during the construction process, ensuring concealed aesthetics and effective physical security for a healthcare facility.

The client is delighted with the shutters, and said that “Charter seem a very proactive company, offering expert support and advice even after installation”.


Following an injection of funding into the area, this Health Centre was a new build project, serving the Knowsley community. The building was built around a structural framing system (SFS), with a very interesting timber cladding and render design externally.

Due to the contents of the building security was important, both as a deterrent to vandals and a barrier to potential intruders. An aesthetic solution was imperative to ensure the intricate design was not compromised.

The Integr8 Non-Structural Built-In Shutter system was specified for its exclusive design specifically for fast track build styles, such as SFS, or timber frame. As the product is integrated design into the fabric of the building, giving additional inherent security, it is an aesthetic security shutter that doesn’t detract from the building design.

Charter Global provided a complete turnkey security shutter package to this project – designing and installing the Integr8 security shutter system to the reception desks internally.


The Integr8 range of shutters has been praised by the architects and the construction company responsible for designing and building the North Huyton Primary Care Resource Centre in Knowsley, Merseyside.

The project, valued at over £4m, is yet another prestige care development funded by the Government’s NHS LIFT initiative and is a great example of implementation of physical security for healthcare facilities.

The North Huyton Centre is designed to improve community access to a wide range of services including GP and dentist surgeries, community services, facilities for district nurses and health visitors and a pharmacy. However, its location in a comparatively deprived area puts it at an increased risk of vandalism and burglary. Whilst not as severe a threat compared to Blast, the risk of forced entry via Bodily Force is relative and should be approached with a similar frame of mind.
We’ve published a complimentary guide for Protecting Property against Forced Entry: Bodily Force! Download it here

Charter Global’s integrated shutter system offered an ideal security solution.

“As shutters are integrated into the cavity of the brickwork, they look attractive and do not detract from the overall appearance of the building,” explains a spokesman for the leading architects. “We specified Charter as they ensured a professional service with a tried and tested range of built-in shutter concepts for today’s build styles. They were keen to work with us at the very earliest stage of the project to ensure the correct specification.”


If you require further information on considerations when securing a community building, or would like further information on how Charter Global can provide a bespoke security solution, then please get in touch via the form below.