Integr8 Non-Structural Shutters

Integr8 Non Structural Built-In Shutters

Innovatively integrated within the structural fabric of the building, specification lintel security shutters are a design solution unique to Interg8.

The Integr8 Non Structural Built-In Shutters are best suited for applications where there is no requirement for a load bearing lintel. This can be due to the application’s intended purpose, or due to the architectural design requirements and planning permission restrictions. The shutter is integrated flush the building profile, therefore completely removing the requirement for an unsightly headbox. 

This range by Integr8 is continually developed and field tested, securing properties and apertures of all styles style standard apertures to arched and corner profiles. The Integr8 Non Structural Built-In Shutter range of Lintel Shutters offers an optimum solution for securing property against intruders via Forced Entry and vandalism, without compromising the property’s kerb appeal. 

The Integr8 Shutter range is most commonly implemented within properties governed or regulated by the local government or community. Applications within the sectors Education, Community, and Healthcare, as well as for Commercial, can benefit greatly from the functionality of the shutters and the aesthetically pleasing way that they effectively secure a facility.

A lightweight housing alternative, non structural shutters are a particularly effective method for fast-track build styles including SFS and timber frame.

Integr8 Non Structural Shutter

The Integr8 Non Structural Shutter system is an effective solution for fast track build styles. A lightweight housing alternative to integrating the shutter system within a structural lintel, the Integr8 Non Structural Shutter eliminates the need for major alteration works.

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Integr8 Non Structural SR2 Shutter

Best suited for applications that do not require a load-bearing lintel, the Integr8 Non Structural SR2 Shutter is tried, tested and accredited to LPS 1175: Issue 7 SR2. Brilliant solution as shutter system is integrated within the very fabric of the building, removing the need for an unsightly headbox therefore not compromising the unique architectural design or aesthetic.

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Integr8 Non Structural SR3 Shutter

The Integr8 Non Structural SR3 Shutter is integrated within the very fabric of a property to ensure secure enclosures. Independently tested and certified product to LPCB 1175, Issue 7, the Integr8 Non Structural SR3 Shutter is the high performance alternative to a lintel shutter system.

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