Concealed Roller Shutters Case Studies

Concealed roller shutters ensure security concerns are not compromised whilst adhering to aesthetic requirements. There are many reasons why a concealed roller shutter system would be chosen, such as not wanting to detract from the overall feel of the building, especially important in scenarios such as health centre security where the premises still needs to feel welcoming. Our range of concealed roller shutters, Integr8 Non-Structural Shutters, are best fitted during the development stage of the build and provide a discreet security solution.


Set on the outskirts of the beautiful Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, Scotland, West Inverclyde Academy is a new 1000+ pupil secondary school, built as part of a £29 million regeneration scheme. The area had historically faced crime and vandalism, and the local authorities were keen to ensure that suitable security was in place.

The school design has a strong sustainable agenda, especially with regard to natural daylight and ventilation. Protecting the glazing was key and Charter Global installed roller shutters to the ground floor windows in the teaching wings a first-floor floor auditorium glazing to help deter vandalism. These were positioned on the elevation nearest to the school boundary, which was deemed most at risk.

The leading architect on the project commented that:

“There were a number of challenging details that Charter Global helped us with including access, size of shutters and co-ordination with the cladding. While the prime function of the shutters was security, they couldn’t detract from the building design; they had to enhance it. We chose the colours for this project (Vibrant Yellow, Bright Red and Auburn) after early consultation with the pupils who wanted “anything but grey.”

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Garswood Health Centre, situated in Wigan, was part of a new development of medical centres across the UK. Many of the centres – designed to bring together a broad range of local health and community-based services – were chosen to be located in deprived areas, putting them at increased risk of vandalism and burglary. The Integr8 range of concealed roller shutters were specified due to them offering the highest level of security without adversely affecting the appearance of a building.

A member of the team at Charter Global explained that…

“The Integr8 range of shutter solutions includes the option to house the shutter within a structural lintel. This means the shutter mechanism is completely concealed within the structural fabric of the build make-up and doesn’t impact on the building’s appearance, so when the shutter is open it can’t be seen.”

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The client in question in this project required security shutters to the doors and windows of a new 3 storey office block and warehouse to reduce their insurance premiums and for an added layer of security to protect valuable IT systems. Integr8 lintel security shutters were specifically chosen due to being able to be built into the fabric of the building and easily were easily integrated with the SFS construction used for this project.

Remote control operation was used for the project which gave additional versatility in the usage of the shutters. Once the project was complete the client discussed their control requirements with the Charter Global technical team; the shutters were then zoned to be operated per room. This allowed for a complete blackout for individual rooms, for example during presentations, without affecting the remainder of the offices.


If you’d like further information on concealed roller shutters, including technical specs and design options available, take a look at our technical area.

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