Protecting Against Blast: The Complete Guide

Upon the initial search for a blast-resistant security product, there is masses of raw information available on the classifications and standards of blast resistant products.

Unless you’re already very familiar with the world of blast and blast ratings, it can be incredibly confusing trying to compare different ratings and what they really mean.

Charter Global have produced the ‘Protecting Against Blast: A Guide’ to collate the various international standards, and provide an overview of blast and explosion.

Compared to Forced Entry, blast has the potential to cause the most damage to property. It also poses the biggest risk to members of the public. 

Understanding what Blast – or explosion – is from a holistic perspective, is the first step to effectively protecting against it.

Charter Global’s Guide to Blast

guide to blast standardsWithin the guide, we have covered the following:

  • A overview of what Blast, or explosion, is.
  • Situational examples, including the differences between protecting against a terror attack and industrial explosion
  • A graphic clearly explaining the differences between international blast standards
  • How Charter Global can help to secure your property and people against blast.

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Protecting against blast