Forced Entry: Bodily Force – A Guide from Charter Global

Petty crimes, that is burglary and vandalism, are all too common occurrences, and as such, a thorough understanding of the threat of bodily force is needed to effectively mitigate the risk of forced entry.

With this in mind, Charter Global have created a Forced Entry Guide to help elaborate on the real-life application of a Forced Entry: Bodily Force threat.

Considered opportunistic when compared crimes of terror, intruders gaining access to property via Bodily Force often have an element of luck on their side. But what actually is Bodily Force?

What is Bodily Force?

Bodily Force (further explanation also provided here) is intrusion through the means of manual force. Kicking, levering body weight and using tools including hammers or screwdrivers rather than heavy-duty or battery-powered tools is the general distinction in most cases.

In most cases a Bodily Force attack is opportunistic, and as such the attacker will only be using hand tools that are easily concealed on their person, and the attacks will rarely be persistent if not immediately successful in gaining an entrance to the property.

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How Do I Know What Products Are Suitable?

The LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board), are a global organisation that provides specification standards and testing for fire and security products. Universally acknowledged as one of the leading certification bodies, the LPCB grade each product according to three categorical measures:

  • Detection
  • Delay
  • Response

Physical security products protecting against the threat of bodily force fall largely into the Delay category, whereby the motivation for specifying and installing the products is to delay opportunist attacks long enough for the third category – response – to occur.

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Products suitable for mitigating the threat of bodily force will usually fall within the SR1 – SR3 range of the LPS 1175 standard, depending on the product and application in question. These variables are explained in more detail in the forced entry guide.

As manufacturers of a comprehensive range of products, Charter Global understand how an identified risk pertains to a requirement. This forced entry guide has been put together to share that understanding with others in the physical security industry.

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