RapiDeploy: Fast Closure for Emergency Scenarios

The development of RapiDeploy

RapiDeploy technology was developed to ensure a swift and total closing of the Obexion security shutter range, halving the time in which industry-standard shutters can be deployed and can be used to enhance lockdown and emergency securing of high-risk spaces.

The idea behind the technology arose after completing a security shutter install for a high-profile client in the financial district of London. The client asked us to investigate possible upgrade options to allow the shutter to close more rapidly in emergency situations.

The limitations regarding product proportions as well as the environment meant that physical changes to the shutter were not an option. Our specialist electronics team therefor had to develop the RapiDeploy upgrade panel that allowed the closing speed of the existing security shutter to be doubled.

The project highlighted to Charter Global the need for RapiDeploy in high-security situations.

What is RapiDeploy?

RapiDeploy is a custom-built upgrade feature, bespoke to Obexion Shutters.

Ensuring a swift and total closing of the Obexion Security Shutter, RapiDeploy can be used to enhance lockdown and emergency securing of commercial spaces, government buildings, financial institutions and high footfall areas. Once deployed, the Obexion shutter has the same protection level as the independently certified standards.

RapiDeploy is a security roller shutter package, not a single product. The specification of the Charter RapiDeploy shutter system includes:

  • Dual speed closing
  • Lockdowns security shutter curtain
  • Independent certification to LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR2, SR3, SR4 and approved for use in UK Government properties
  • Complete safety, risk assessments and method safety statements underwritten by an independent HSE and security consultant
  • Staff product training
  • Aesthetic product design and finishes to allow intelligent incorporation

When is RapiDeploy beneficial?

RapiDeploy has many benefits, but its true value lies in the following applications:

  • Emergency situations
  • Terror attacks
  • Safe havens
  • Lockdown situations

RapiDeploy would be useful for any environment that needs to protect assets (people or property) from rapid and dynamic attacks. These would typically be terror situations rather than criminality, which is reflected in risk assessment with reference to the suitable level of response. Typical risks would be ‘lone wolf’, ‘live shooter’ type of attacks when the building needs to go into LockDown as quickly as possible.

Where is RapiDeploy appropriate?

Whilst RapiDeploy is an additional feature for applications facing severe risks, we recommend particular consideration within the following sectors:

  • Banks, financial institutions and commercial property
  • Embassies and government buildings
  • Museums, galleries and public buildings
  • Stadiums, shopping centres and public gathering spaces

Please Note: RapiDeploy is available as an upgrade option on security-rated shutters, it is not a standard feature

For more information on RapiDeploy technology, please contact our team on 0845 050 8705 or send us an email at [email protected]