Exterior Shutter Designs for Residential Properties

Exterior Shutter Designs – What are my options?

All Equilux shutter designs include a requirement for access panels to the shutters.
With any mechanical device regular service and maintenance is strongly recommended and just as you would expect your car to be serviced periodically, so too should residential security shutters.

However, incorporating access panels whilst maintaining the interior design ideas can be challenging.

Our technical design team work closely with interior designers and architects to ensure the access solution suits the needs of specific property requirements.

Whilst every property is different, we have curated some of our most common solutions to providing access to our security shutters and included some of our favourite exterior shutter designs.

Interior Design Solutions

For successful long-term service and maintenance of the shutters, access is required to the full width of the shutter.

This allows the shutter to be serviced properly and if the shutter curtain should ever be damaged or need replacing this can be carried out through the full-width access panel with minimal disruption.

Internal Access to Shutters

Internal access to the security shutters is most common and easiest to co-ordinate with other trades, a number of images are shown below

Exterior Shutter Design

Here are some examples of exterior shutter design

Partial Access

Another option could be to provide a smaller access panel to provide access to the shutter motor only. This allows for maintenance of the shutters; however, this would require destructive access to replace the shutter curtain or the shutter unit.

As with full width access, depending on how the access panel is designed window dressings would further conceal the access panel if necessary

The above photos and details are a small selection of the wide variety of possible options when integrated security shutters into residential properties. Our technical design team work closely with interior designers, clients and architects to provide the optimum integrated solution for each property.

For more advice or information about specifying security shutters for prestige homes, or alternative exterior shutter designs, please call the Equilux team on 0845 050 8705 or email [email protected]

Alternatively, why not download our guide to bespoke integrated shutters for prime residential properties below:

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