Securing a Luxury West London Home

One of our latest developments was for a prime residential property located in the West London area.

The house had undergone a complete refurbishment, this included everything from windows, to doors, wirings and fit-out.

The entire property was stripped back to brickwork in order to renew the design to the client’s vision.

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The owner is an ultra-high net worth individual with properties all around the globe. His schedule consists of regular international travel, therefore he was keen on finding a place his family could call home during their stays in the UK.

With the resident’s dynamic routine, the home would be exposed to periods of vacancy, therefore at risk of break-ins and burglary.


In addition to securing the home, the owner wanted a security measure that was unobtrusive and could seamlessly integrate with the interior design and the home automation system.

We supplied and installed a total of 31 Equilux Bolt-On security shutters across the property.

Equilux is our range of prime residential shutters designed to enhanced security without compromising design.

The flawless integration of Equilux shutters provides a visual deterrent and physical barrier when they are deployed and are completely hidden from sight when in a raised position.

Have a look at the stunning results:


The interior blockwork was amended to allow the guides to sit clear of the window opening, which then had a timber detail adhered to the front of them for maximum aesthetics.

When it comes to some bespoke applications, we thrive to deliver above expectations. We also installed bespoke horizontal shutters on the conservatory roof and a skylight for protection from any potential intruders who tried to break in through roof windows.

We’ve crafted a PDF with full details and more photos of this fantastic project. You can view this case study for free in the link below:

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