Case Study: Tailored Security for a Luxury Residence [VIDEO]

Protecting Luxury Residence with Tailored Security Solution

A mere breath away from Primrose Hill, London, this stunning 4000sqm residence features a tailored security system compromising 60 shutters.

Three storeys high, this prime London property boasts a security system to match 10 Downing Street – though you wouldn’t know it by looking at it.

We were approached during the early stages of the project to supply Equilux security shutters for the ground floor.

Working closely with the project’s architect and contractor, our extensive risk assessment of the site and client provided more significant consideration for the physical security.

Highlighting project vulnerabilities

On initial assessment, the project’s concept drawings gleaned apparent vulnerabilities.

The ground floor offered multiple entrances with full-length windows, providing access from every side of the property.

The ample basement space provided for a full-length swimming pool, sauna and gym, with direct access to the staff entrance.

Further considerations included the client’s requirement for ventilation and privacy.

With traditional shutters, ventilation is often substituted for insulation.

Similarly, the means for privacy can easily be overcomplicated, resulting in a fortress-like home.

As the project was a new build, we were able to design a tailored security system.

lintel shutter during construction

Equilux Structural Lintel, Early Stages!

bespoke integrated security shutters guide

The Project Delivery

Implementing several Equilux Built-In Shutter, a tailored security system was devised for every opening from the basement to the first storey.

Every possible luxury was included in this project.

The brick slip structural lintels were installed externally above the window or door opening where necessary.

The shutter barrel was then installed during a later stage, completely removing the need for an unsightly headbox.

equilux status indication

Equilux Shutters, Internal Installation

The insect mesh was bespoke for each opening.

Again stored within the steel lintel, this mesh provided a barrier from bugs and the harsher elements of the London smog.

Privacy blinds were included internally on the upper floors at a later stage.

Within the upper floors, a premium shutter lath was used for both privacy and ventilation.

These lath profiles offer fantastic benefits, with dual modes of user operation:

  • Complete blackout
  • Perforated intermediates for 20% free airflow

Further Challenges

The basement floor posed a particular challenge.

Visually impressive, the area had access from the courtyard above through an enormous retracting skylight.

The staff entrance here also led directly into the foyer of the house.

Several shutters and insect mesh lintels were included to mitigate intruders. Recessed guides were then installed along the consecutive columns.

swimming pool tailored security

Swimming Pool, Multiple Equilux Shutters

Each tailored security measure was then programmed to the Building Management System (BMS) by our fantastic engineers.

This project was by far one of the most complicated installations for our team to date.

Each shutter used several bespoke features, including obstacle detection and status indication.

These additions were vital for a project of this size. The security shutters can be controlled from a central device by the homeowner, with direct feedback on closure status.

Check out this article for more guidance on controls.

Your Guide to Bespoke Security for Luxury Homes

Download your complimentary guide to securing luxury homes here:

bespoke integrated security shutters guide