SR2 Security for Self-Storage Facility: A Case Study

Attic Self storage has recently benefited from installing several SR2 security shutters to its Beckton branch.

With the growing demand for storage solutions, it becomes crucial for these facilities to provide a secure environment for clients’ stored belongings.
sr2 security for self storage

Security Risks in Self-Storage Premises

Self-storage businesses in the UK face various security risks that can compromise stored items’ safety.

Unauthorized Access: People may try to gain access to the storage facility using fraudulent means or by exploiting vulnerabilities in the security infrastructure.

Theft: Unauthorized individuals may attempt to gain access to the facility and storage units to steal valuable items.

Vandalism and Property Damage: Self-storage businesses may face the risk of vandalism, which can result in property damage and loss.
sr2 security for self storage

Implementing SR2 Shutters

By implementing robust physical security measures, Attic Self Storage can effectively deter theft, prevent unauthorized access, and safeguard valuable assets.

Seven SR2 security shutters were placed to secure the drive-up units, ensuring enhanced protection for the stored items.

Additionally, two larger shutters were installed to cover the entrances of the unloading bay as well as an Obexion SR2 door for the waste area.
sr2 security for self storage
The SR2 shutters function as a strong deterrent against potential criminals, safeguarding valuable assets stored within the facility.

The upgrade in security helps Attic Self Storage maintain customer trust, mitigating risks, and creating a safe and reliable storage experience for clients.
sr2 security for self storage

24/7 Access

The SR2 security shutters feature an access control system, allowing clients to access their storage units at any time while maintaining overall security.

This flexibility is highly valued by clients who may need to retrieve or store items outside of regular business hours.

Peace of Mind

With the SR2 security shutters in place, Attic Self Storage and their clients can have peace of mind knowing that their storage units are well-protected.

Reputation and Trust

Self-storage businesses that prioritize security by using robust shutters earn a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness among clients.

This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and customer retention.

The client has additionally signed up for one of our TOTALCare maintenance plans.

Attic Self Storage’s service is recognized for its complimentary 24-hour access, distinguished customer service and 100% online check-in.

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