Securing Car Park For Residential Development with SR2 Level Security

Obexion Shutters now provide SR2 level security for Capital Court – a high-rise residential development in London that surrounds the Brentford FC stadium. The shutters were supplied with innovative features including Lockdown technology and perforation without compromising the security rating.

Security Concerns

Brentford FC stadium has an average attendance of 16,000 fans.

Residents were concerned about security due to high foot traffic around the car parks on Brentford match days.

The residential buildings needed a mechanism to ensure that the car parks could be completely secured – preventing access to unauthorized visitors and mitigating the risk of vandalism to private property.
sr2 level security

How Obexion Shutters Enhanced Capital Court’s Security

Our Obexion SR2 Shutters offered Capital Court the protection it required for several reasons:

The shutter’s unique profiles do not require any additional or external locking mechanisms to secure them in place, meaning the car park entrances were completely locked as soon as the shutters reached the floor.

This feature is beneficial for normal operation scenarios as well as lockdown situations for match days.

Additionally, the Obexion SR2 Shutters have perforated laths that allow visibility for security personnel to monitor outside activity.

The extraction system for the car parks can also function correctly thanks to the shutter perforations.

The Obexion shutter system uses light curtains that stop the shutters from coming down if the light beams are obstructed by a person or object, guaranteeing a safer operation.

The shutters were connected to the car park access control system for complete integration into the building.

SR2 Level Security

Suitable for mitigating low to medium risk in various applications, the Obexion UD SR2 Shutter is certified to LPS 1175, SR2 as well as Secured by Design.
sr2 level security
The SR2 level security certification guarantees the shutters can withstand attack by determined opportunists using bodily force and mechanically advanced medium size tools.

Capital Court

The development consists of three residential buildings, totalling 253 new homes with views of the River Thames.

Capital Court was designed to enhance the active frontage on the main road by creating an efficiently connected path of various spaces that will aid in wayfinding for matchday supporters and allow visitors to get to and from the stadium easily.

The new areas include increased commercial and retail spaces, offices, and green infrastructure.

The overall development design focuses on improving physical and psychological comfort for residents and visitors.

Lockdown Technology

The security shutters for Capital Court were supplied with our additional security feature: Lockdown technology – this ensures that the Obexion Shutters are fully secure without the need for any manual or auxiliary locking.
SR2 level security
The shutter’s unique profiles lock the shutter in any stop position – fully closed or otherwise.

This feature eliminates the risk of user error.

TOTALCARE Shutter Servicing & Maintenance

The building operators signed up for our TOTALCARE gold-level service contract.

The service is supported by a dedicated team of engineers from Charter Global, ensuring that the shutters continue to function properly and prevent problems.
SR2 level security


The Obexion UD SR2 security shutter system can be fully perforated to maintain airflow and visibility without compromising security.
Independently tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), this is the only security roller shutter on the market to be certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 with perforated ventilation options.

The Obexion shutter’s sleek design enables them to be discreetly installed onto public-facing buildings, where aesthetic impact is an important consideration.

Suitable substrates for the Obexion UD SR2 Shutters include brickwork, blockwork, concrete, and structural steelwork.

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